no sweat

talking christmas  (hahaha...  never too early)...

friend recalled the things she used to go through to get excelente ham  ->  waking up early to get to quiapo early, long queue, arms and clothes soiled with oil...

me:  'why would you get oil on yourself???'

friend:  'once they open, it's crazy!  people would go, i like that part, i like this one...  they'd be pointing and passing and oil will be dripping...'

me:  'oh, wow!  good thing i'm not into ham...'

friend:  'it used to be a christmas staple at the house...  like, for thanksgiving, there's turkey;  for christmas, it's excelente ham and queso de bola...'

me:  'hehe...  i also don't like queso de bola...'

friend:  'what do you like?!'

me:  'leche flan, chocolate, ice cream...'

readily available yet still excelente...  ; )

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