passenger and driver

me:  'how come you have three tickets?'

friend:  'officers were given three to sell...'

me:  'oh...  i didn't know you were an officer...  or maybe i just forgot...'

friend:  'i'll be returning the tickets...'

me:  'oh?  are you allowed to return?'

friend:  'they're not yet paid...'

me:  'but aren't they considered sold?'

friend:  'i can't sell it, what will i do?'

me:  'hmmm...  yeah...'

friend:  'do you want to buy one?'

me:  'i'll see if i can go...  i'll buy my ticket from you, if ever...'

friend:  'if you're going, ask <toot> to pick you up...'

me:  'why do i have to be picked up when i have a car?'

friend:  'then just be the one to pick up <toot 1>, <toot 2> and <toot 3>...'

me:  'huh?!  hahaha...  here we go again...'

well, passengers, let's do each other a favor, please...  i'll fetch and bring you home but please be considerate enough to be punctual...  i set alarms and all to get to you on time, i hope you'd be kind enough not to make me wait too long...

if you think that's too much, there's always grab and uber...  ; )

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