i received a call last night asking whether i wanted to attend this certain party.  ooops... i can't.  i was at gloria jean's with someone.  but even if i could, i won't.  i would like the guy's partner to have his full attention on such special occasion.

some girl shows up and some guys forget that they're already taken.  i hate that.  i may talk to you, and smile at you, and laugh with you, but you can be sure i know where to draw the line.  i am good to wives and sweethearts.  i will never share nor take away someone else's man.  i hope when it's my guy's time to falter, he would chance upon someone like me...


i received the following text yesterday:

A handsome hunk strips in front of a nun to tempt her.
The nun closed her eyes,




and prayed,




"Bless me, Father, for this Thy gift, which I am about to receive..."

ooops... hahaha. i wanted to forward it to my friends but then i've already forwarded another text message earlier so i was looking forward to forwarding it instead today. (i try to limit forwards to one a day. i'm not really a texter. the only texting i do is when there's something important i have to say and i'm trying to save on call charges. forwards i limit to those i particularly like, the rest simply stop with me. and even then, i forward only to those in my sun network plus family and a handful of different-network-friends. (i have unlimited calls and texts sun to sun. if you're sun, you send me a text and my first option is to call you. even if i'm just going to say ok, i call you, haha. the only time i text back is if i'm not supposed to make a call, for example, i'm in a meeting, or i want to keep a record of the exchange, for example, important instructions, or i think you might not be able to take a call.))

anyway, morning, i was so excited to forward the text to my friends. but then upon getting my phone, i see that i have an unread message, this time from my mom. it went:

  ( " )    Sunday
"( ö )"   is a
(    "    wonderful
./   ,%, opportunity
to pray
to love
to learn
to laugh
to care
and to celebrate the joy of life with GOD.
Have a blessed Sunday :)

nice : )  now this is a more appropriate forward on a sunday. the hunk-nun one is kinda irreverent : }

today, therefore, i forwarded my mom's text instead.  the irreverent one i'll send out tomorrow  ; )


i was on the phone with someone last night and he had the following observations:

1.  this album i posted had over 200 pics

2.  for a series of shots, if i'm not in the pic, he is not sure whether the pics are really different.  but if i'm in the pic, he right away knows that they are different.

re #1, with me, that's nothing unusual.  i've been our family's photographer since second year high school (a long, loooooong time ago).  still film that time yet i was using up so many rolls.  now it's digital, no film expense.  all the more that i just click and click and click.  even if i'm talking to someone or doing something, i just go on clicking.  i multi-task  ; )

then i check the pics.  i delete the ones where you have people with eyes half-closed.  i dunno, i have a thing about eyes half-shut.  it makes me cringe calling to mind possession.  i also delete pics where people's heads are out of frame, as in, they're only shown up to the neck.  i think of beheading.  ugh!  so many hang-ups, what is wrong with me???  anyway, i also delete those where people's mouths are going this way and that.  for multiple shots, people often go on talking and the mouths look either funny or awkward when the pics come out.

i also delete 'ugly' shots.  just last week i was showing my officemate a pic i was deleting with a heavy heart.  i was sooo cute there!!!  (hahaha, believe in yourself)  but then there's someone in the pic who was caught in a rather unflattering angle.  my officemate was telling me to just crop the pic instead of deleting.  i said with me it's all or nothing.  i don't want to leave a trace of an ugly shot  : }

the remaining pics i upload.  all of them, hahaha.  i don't really expect people to look at every single one.  i'm thinking they'd go over the thumbnails and just click those they find interesting.  but then, it seems there really are those who look at everything  : }

an aunt e-mailed me before that her internet connection was slow so she's still at the 200-somethingth pic.  ooops...

in his speech at our christmas party a couple of years ago, a batchmate said he looks forward to the pictures he receives, especially if they're from me, and he really looks at them one by one!  uh-oh.  that would consume a lot of time  : }

oh, well...  i was chiding my ex before, he goes out of the country and comes back with only three shots.  i just go to the other room and i take a hundred, hahaha.

re #2, i have a camera you could set for one to ten shots.  there are those who find ten too much so they just want me to set it to five or three.  whatever the setting, if it's multiple shots, then i move with every click.  front, back, left side, right side.  i'd even do top and bottom if i could, hahaha.  but then oftentimes,  my companions in the frame don't move at all.  as in from shots one to three, sometimes, even from shots one to ten, they barely twitch, hehe.  if i'm not in the pic, you would have a hard time distinguishing that it's a different shot.  but, yup, if i'm there, you would know for sure  ->  mega-pose, mega-project, hahaha.  you should try it sometime.  you might find it silly, but it's fun... : )


a former officemate visited me at the office the other day.  this guy never runs out of jokes and i remember him most for the following, sung to the tune of i believe :

♪ every time i hear a new-born baby cry
it worries me, it might be mine
but never mind, i'll deny... ♫


i'm out of here

my officemate was telling me that there's a scheduled testing of this deliverable by some contractor.

i was like, 'yikes!  will (blank) be there?'

she says no.

i heave a sigh of relief, hahaha

you see, i was craving mushroom soup last saturday so i drove over to market!market!  i was supposed to order at KFC but they were not anymore accepting customers when i arrived  : }

i crossed over to kenny rogers this time expecting to get mashed potato.  it was already late so i explicitly asked whether they still have said side dish as i couldn't see any from the glass display.  i was told they have.  when it was already my turn at the cashier, however, they told me that they've ran out.  oh!

i was thinking of a substitute when suddenly i notice that the guy beside me in the other line, an arm's length away, was said contractor.  ooops... i was't wearing a b _ _ !!!  we greet each other then i tell the cashier that i'm not ordering anymore since they have no more mashed potato.  i immediately say bye to the guy then move over to max's.  there i satisfied instead my craving for caramel bars...

nobody, somebody

my best friend and i were at a wake last night and our high school classmate was telling us that she was surprised to receive a text from one of our classmates inviting her to our class get-together next month.  oooops... hahaha.  that get-together is supposed to be for her birthday!  nope, it's not a surprise.  she knows about it.

so we were at her mom's wake last friday and one of our classmates said our class should have a get-together sometime.

i right away said i hope it's not going to be at another wake.

then someone said it should be under happy circumstances next time, a birthday maybe.

then we find out that the earliest birthday is hers.  ok, ok.  get together for her birthday.  eat out, dutch treat.

everyone was excited.  we settled on a date, the saturday following her weekday birthday.  we all agreed to block off the date in our scheds.  good.

then, the details:  what time?  where?

hmmm... ask the others what they prefer.

ok.  who would contact the others?

oooops... there were five of us there and no one would take on the task.  we all just wanted to be an attendee  : }

good thing some other classmate who was not present that time was willing to do the texting.  the get together will materialize after all...  : )

alone, alive

i slipped yesterday and wasn't able to go to the office.  after a three-day holiday this happens, talk about timing.  anyway, it was nothing grave.  i just did not want to risk driving through edsa with pain in my feet.

my officemate calls and tells me she did some research and was telling me to make sure my feet are level with my body.

ooops... i told her i was in bed with my feet up, propped up on the window pane, and it felt good.

she said blood won't be able to circulate.  she wanted me to put my feet down.

i said it was like that earlier and there was some pain.  when i put it up, it felt better.  i did not want to follow her advice therefore.  i said i was thinking if it feels good, at least in the current situation, then it must be good for me.  i kid her it must be some doctor quack-quack site she checked.

she protests saying it is a good site.  she tells me the site further says i have to put some cold compress on the sore and then bandage the area.

i tell her:

1.  nothing's swollen
2.  i have no bandage at the house
3.  the ice in my ref is more than two years old

then i burst out laughing.

she chides me, 'you're hurt and you just keep on laughing!!!'

what can i do???  i was sooo amused thinking even the ice in my ref is expired!  hahahaha

actually, i am really thankful what happened was nothing grave.  one of the perils of living alone is that i could drop dead and no one would know, at least, not right away.  that's actually one of the reasons my friends call me nighttime.  they want to make sure i'm still alive...  : }

sweat and perspiration

i was watching videos of our office's anniversary presentations. among them was our group's dance number.  huhuhu... i missed this one.  after practicing for the dance, and hurriedly washing and drying our assigned outfit, i wasn't able to join it.  i had to leave before our turn as i had been tasked to go to makati to attend something.  boo-hoo-hoo.  had i known, i would not have practiced anymore.

during dance practice, i was the only one sweating.  it was crazy:  sweat was dripping down my face, perspiration has wet my clothes. everyone else was so cool and dry.  nope, i wasn't at all tense, nor was i exerting too much effort.  i was simply dancing and enjoying the much-needed exercise.

they say sweat is good as it expels toxins from the body.  does this mean i am the only one toxic in that group?  i don't smoke, i don't drink, i don't eat much, i sleep a lot (not lately though).  what on earth is going on here?  anyone knows?  i'd be happy to hear...

wake pics

i was uploading pictures from a wake we went to last friday and noticed that these were happy pics.  uh-oh...

my mom was telling me before she felt somewhat embarrassed when pictures from a wake they were at showed them with such big smiles.  i retained this and in the wakes that i have gone to, i've cautioned against too happy a smile whenever there's a camera.

but then in the previous wake my friends and i attended, i was amused to see that my friends and i looked sullen and glum while the family of the deceased was all smiles in front of the camera.  ooops... we looked more bereaved than the bereaved... : }


i was at a cousin's birthday party yesterday, ninoy aquino's death anniversary, and, upon arrival, i was greeted with a sea of yellow.  my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my nieces, my nephews, my mom, they were all in yellow.  the only ones who were not were my sister, my brother's daughter, me and my dad (well, he doesn't like bright colors so i don't really expect him to wear yellow)

i right away went, 'müts!!! you didn't tell me we have a motif!!!  waaaahhh!!!!'

my mom replies she thought my aunt has told me.  my aunt said she did not text me anymore thinking my mom has told me.  oh!

according to my sister, she herself was already dressed when our mom told her so she did not change anymore.  my niece probably doesn't know, too.

this is not the first time i attended a family gathering and i was not in motif.  years back, we celebrated an aunt's birthday at our house in the province.  when i arrived, was i surprised so see everyone in red!  i was wearing a pale, cream/beige top!  oooops... no one told me  : }

we have another family gathering next month and this early they've notified me that we're supposed to wear orange.  yikes,  i have peaches but no orange.  i received an orange shirt in one of our seminars a couple of months back but i've given it away.  (the shirts were given at the venue and we were told to wear them during the sessions.  now, i don't wear unwashed clothes so what i did was just layer it on top of my blouse : })  hmmm... i have no more excuse not be in motif next month.  but then i don't really want to buy anything orange as, like my dad, i also don't like bright colors.  hmmm... time again to borrow from my sisters' closets...

road encounters

i had three not at all pleasant road encounters yesterday.

= = = = = = = = = =

*** morning ***

a car was drifting toward my lane. to avoid a collision, i honked. this apparently surprised/alerted the driver as he suddenly moved back to his lane. shortly thereafter, he went honking and speeding by so dangerously close to my car, as in, he occupied not just his lane but part of mine, too. ugh!

some people just don't have any idea of context. all he could absorb was that i honked at him. he failed to comprehend why i did. hello!!! start from the very beginning, ok. widen your perspective, broaden your mind.

= = = = = = = = = =

*** nighttime 1 ***

what, aside from a moron (with all due respect to morons), would leave his car on the street, preventing others from passing through??? ugh! ' haven't heard of park to the side, leave space for others, you don't own the street?

check out the following pic: 

the sight greeted me on the street where i was supposed to pass through. i thought the driver was just inside the vehicle but no, he wasn't. i've been waiting there for what seemed like forever and had already pulled out my camera when someone oh-so-leisurely walking appeared from the corner. it was the driver! he had seen my headlights but stepped up only when my camera's flash surprised him. grrrr!!!

= = = = = = = = = =

*** nighttime 2 ***

my car was only a lane away from crossing over a three-lane street when a motorcyclist to my right suddenly accelerated and sped by in front of me. i had to make a sudden stop!!! grrrr!!! i hate these daredevils!!!

one time at another intersection, i was about to make a turn when again a motorist suddenly appeared at full speed. i stopped, nothing abrupt, nothing unusual. well, he apparently wasn't expecting any other vehicle on the road as he suddenly took a spill! he got up, started shaking his forefinger at me, then suddenly realizing that i really wasn't at fault here (my car was positioned correctly, a decent distance away from him, hello!) tried to board his motorcycle just giving me angry side glances. he was having a hard time as it was a nasty spill he took and it took awhile before he could regain his balance. it was probably all the more painful (and embarrassing) to him as i was there just patiently waiting for him to get onboard. you inflicted this on yourself guy, go bear the consequences...

commercial meals

i was on the phone with a friend yesterday and she said she had andok's (litson manok) for lunch.

i go, 'oh, you didn't cook.'

she said she doesn't cook  ->  she has a very big kitchen  ->  the whole of bacolod city.

i chuckle saying mine's bigger.  my kitchens are spread out across several cities:  quezon city, pasig city, mandaluyong city, makati city and global city/taguig city.

hmmm... whatever happened to good, old home cooking???  oh, well...  : }

perfect timing

i had just parked at jollibee last night and was reaching for my bag when my phone rang.  it was, uhm, someone.  hmmm... perfect timing.  had he called just a bit earlier, i would still be driving.  had he called just a wee bit later, i would be inside the store (leaving my phone in the car).  either way, i wouldn't be able to take his call.

this is the third time this happened, i.e., his timing being surgical-precision right.

first time was a month ago.  i've just driven down from the parking area of shopwise when i suddenly felt really thirsty.  i stopped at the bend, put my hazard lights on and reached for the chocolate drinks i just bought.  well, i heard my phone ringing, picked it up and it was him.  whoa!

i told him i'm supposed to be driving and had just stopped to drink.

he said he'd just call again when i get home.

i said no need, we can talk right there while i'm sipping my drink, i'd just park my car well.

you see, to my left was a loooong line of parked vehicles with only one spot vacant, the one right across me!  all i had to do was turn left and park right there, which i did.  so we talked.

another time, my phone was engaged for hours and he called just right after it was freed up.  ( july 30, 2009 blog )

hmmm... i'm actually trying to wean this guy away from me.  i dunno whether i'm just being conceited or paranoid but i find that some of the things he says and does are things i think he should not be saying nor doing at this point.  right now, however, i have in mind the celestine prophecy.  coincidences are not just mere coincidences.  they mean something, they lead to something, they resolve something.  maybe i should not try to avoid this guy?  i wonder what it is we have to settle...


holiday tomorrow, quezon city day.  (friday, too  ->  death anniversary of ninoy aquino.) 

i'm thinking now whether i could spend the day without going online or talking on the phone.

the phone is not really up to me.  i definitely could go for days without calling anyone.  but then, if i'm the one being called, then usually i pick up.

the web part i think i can forego but then i have work to do and i may have to go online to check this or that.  if i do that, i might end up logging on to facebook and answering all those quizzes again  : }

oh, well... we'll see...

same banana

i was on the phone with someone last night (up to early this morning, actually).  so we were talking and he was telling me i should not go out with this certain guy because

1.  even if i am already separated, i still am married
2.  the guy already has a girlfriend

hmmm... talk, talk, talk... talk, talk, talk.  what do you know, later in the conversation the drift was instead of going out with this guy, i should go out with him instead.  huh?!  i was rolling my eyes in disbelief here.  do i have stupid written on my forehead???  i still would be married; he, too, has what i would call a girlfriend (he denies, ugh!).  what on earth are we talking about here???

he justifies his suggestion with motive, i.e., the difference between the other guy and him is in their motives.  oh, really???  i should buy that, shouldn't i?  hello!!!

i am amused.  LOL!


i bought lunch at jollibee yesterday and got a free fork and spoon set.  i was sooo happy  : )  (i love freebies!!!)

i got the items because i had a jollibee card.  the card i got just a few nights back.  so instead of drive through i went inside the store and saw there that you will get a freebie if you purchase a certain amount and present your jollibee card.  i asked the counter crew how i can get a card.  she, in turn, asked the manager.  the manager said he will just give me one.  well, he did  : )

later, he came over to my table to ask whether i've gotten my freebie.  i said i didn't meet the minimum purchase requirement.  he said he was going to just give me ice cream instead.  i thanked him but declined saying i was already full.

then yesterday, i was at another branch and purchased enough to get a free fork and spoon.  happy, happy, happy  : )

no cook : }

i was at my best friend's place last night and there on snn was vic sotto being asked whether his lady love knows how to cook.  his reply was no, adding that cooking is not important to him.  he says it does not hold true to him that the shortest way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  aaawwww... i hope i find someone like that... : )

suggestive??? !!!

i have a daily supply of bananas at the office.  two a day.  nope, not free.  i pay.  it's the only fruit i like, actually.

yesterday, i was at a seminar at an outside venue practically the whole day.  it was already late afternoon when i arrived at the office.  there on my desk were my bananas.  i was going to eat them already but didn't get to because i had to discuss something first with my officemate.  turning around after our talk, i saw two contractors looking at me.  i asked why they're there.  they said they just dropped by.  oh, ok.

i went to my desk and they followed me.  we were just making small talk with me getting hold of the bananas intending to finally eat them when i saw an officemate waving, flailing her arms and making all sorts of gestures from the glass window.  i was talking with the two guys and i was wondering whether she could hear us or whether i was saying anything inappropriate.  i was consciously trying to analyze my every statement and could not see anything alarming about them.  finally, the guys left.

i went to my officemate to ask what she was trying to say.  guess what?  she said she was merely stopping me from eating bananas in front of the two guys.

huh?!  why???

she says it's suggestive.

another officemate agrees.

really???  it was my first time to hear that.

i've been eating bananas all my life.  i don't really remember anymore whether i've eaten them in front of guys.  i wouldn't be surprised if i have.  oh, well...

guys, let me issue this disclaimer:  if you see me eating bananas, it's not because i'm trying to imply or suggest anything.  to me they're simply bananas, nothing more.  don't go bananas over bananas, ok...

our days

i received the following text before bedtime:

without GOD, days are:










let's allow HIm to be with us everyday...

nice message... thanks...  : )


i saw a tempura billboard along EDSA last week and suddenly i missed sushi.

friday, we unexpectedly had lunch at rai rai ken.  i, however, wasn't really satisfied with their sushi.

then early this morning, i received a text message from my officemate.  he was at the airport on his way to japan.  he'll be back december yet.  suddenly visions of sushi went swirling in my mind  : }

dinnertime now and i'm thinking raw tuna.  ugh!

this craving is getting intense.  i better satisfy it soon...

sounds like

my mom was telling me that my niece was requesting her to bring her some orangutan.

my mom went, "orangutan?!  what orangutan?!"

niece:  the one like this, like that...

mom:  oh... rambutan...

; )

the past

at a party yesterday, i almost fell off my seat when someone i met for the first time introduced me to her husband thus, 'this is the first girlfriend of (blank)...'

ooops... i didn't know she knew me, nor that she knew about my ex and me.  i objected saying, 'i wasn't his first girlfriend!'

the husband went, 'uh, she's saying she wasn't his girlfriend...'

the wife insisted, 'no... she really was his girlfriend...'

i butted in with, 'not his first.  there were others before me.'

the lady went, 'ay, yes.  not first... former girlfriend.'

ugh!  so many years back and it still cropped up...  : }

forgotten crush

i went into quiz mode in facebook a couple of nights ago  ->  i answered one quiz, and then went on to answer another, and another, and another.  some of the results were hilarious, hahaha

anyway, last night i did just one:  what is the first letter of your crushes' name?

ok, multiple choice questions.  tick this, tick that.

results:  two letters.

upon seeing one, i knew immediately who it was.  the other, however, got me puzzled.  i know someone whose name starts with that letter but i cannot really say he is my crush.  hmmm... think, think, think.  i was trying to dig up guys i know whose first name starts with that letter.  i couldn't come up with any  : }

then later in the night, it suddenly popped in my mind.  whoa!  yes, i know another guy whose name starts with that letter and, yup, he is my crush.  how on earth could i have forgotten that???!!!

goodness, i am getting old... nope, make that i am old...  : }


my normal sleeping time is midnight.  in the last couple of months, however, i've been sleeping later and later by the day.  i therefore made a resolution that starting august, i'll be sleeping by 11 pm.  (come september, i'll move this to 10.)

august 1, i closed my eyes 11:01.  hey, not bad.

august 2, i missed 11 by 10 minutes.  ooops...

august 3, i overshot it by an hour.  yikes!

august 4, by two hours  : }

side story:

it was a non-working day august 5 (cory aquino's funeral) so august 4 (or so i thought) i passed by the drive through to buy my meals for the holiday.  at the window, the crew greeted me with, "good morning, ma'am"

me:  oooops... is it morning already?!

crew:  yes, ma'am

geez... so i was again overshooting my target  ->  big-time  : }

anyway, august 5, i was on track... i closed my eyes and started my prayer at 11 sharp  : )

last night, however, i slid again  ->  i closed my eyes midnight  : }

let's see how i will fare tonight...


two of my officemates and i attended a seminar outside office.

it was raining this morning so i wore a skirt.  i was thinking, if i get wet, all i'll have to do is wipe my legs dry.  well, i forgot to consider the wind  ->  walking from the parking lot to the building, i had to keep a good hold of my skirt as it was being blown up by the wind!  ugh!

then after the seminar, there was a raffle.  after my two officemates have been called as winners, i told them, 'hmmm... i'm the only one who didn't win.  that's ok.  i'd rather be lucky in love.'

shortly after saying that, my name was called as winner!  i won the grand prize!  oooops...

' know what the grand prize is?  a voucher for ITIL 3 training.  some won flash drives; my officemates won bags; i get expensive training in quezon city.  ' shouldn't be bad.  my officemate was, however, (half-)kidding me, i will have to sign a service contract (office SOP) when i attend the training.

oh, fortune dear, are you smiling or laughing at me???

good results

for only the second time this year, i turned on the TV at my place.  (the first time was a couple of weeks ago to test the indoor antenna i just bought.)  i was watching cory aquino's funeral convoy, listening to stories about her, and tears just kept on flowing from my eyes.  i cry easily so i really expected to shed some tears.  but i did not expect them to be so much.  ugh!  my eyes were swollen, imagine!  what on earth was that?!

my dear friend, a street-smart young widow, went to cory's wake.  she is not at all the crying type.  but upon seeing cory in her coffin, she said she unexpectedly, uncharacteristically shed tears.

i am thinking we couldn't be the only ones like this.  and i am further thinking that all these should not be for naught.

there are posts about this second aquino death serving as the long-overdue decisive wake-up call for the country.  it is sad that our wake-up calls entail deaths.  we are so dense we need something so severe.  heartbreaking.

whatever it is, i hope it leads to something good... a better country, a better people, a better self...

no inkling whatsoever

an officemate was telling me there's someone who's interested in me and i supposedly caught this guy's attention years back yet  ->  when we were both still taken.  (ouch!)

really???  who???

she would only give me clues.  and those clues made me zero in on the wrong guy, haha.  in exasperation, she allowed me to ask her more questions provided they'd be answerable by only yes or no.

i go, 'how many can i ask?'

initially she says 50 then lowers it to 25.

me:  25?  ok.

i then went on to write 25 letters from the alphabet ( all except y ) then asked her to tick letters found in the guy's name.

she didn't like to at first, saying that is cheating, but then i insisted that is a valid yes or no.

so tick she did.

aha!  i got it!!!

him?!  whoa!  i never would have guessed...

not now

someone wanted to gift me with a car on my birthday.  whuaaatttt???  no, thanks.  you would have to own my heart for me to allow you to give me something so dear.  the way things are right now, the only vehicles i could accept are matchboxes.  sigh...


i parked on the street yesterday.  then this morning, i noticed that one of my headlights was broken.  given the location of the hole, it looks like it was intentionally poked and damaged.  i remember when i gassed up last night, the attendant also could not open my trunk.  it was ok when i went to the mall last weekend.  according to the attendant, it seems someone tried to force it open.  hmmm... i think i know what for and why.  sad...

my luck

yesterday, my officemates were talking about the forthcoming raffle and wishing that they'd win.  i said it's ok for me not to win because, as they say, "lucky at cards, unlucky in love."

guess what, someone was telling me that this morning my name was among the first called as winner in the raffle.  oooops...


i got a 'message memory full' message in my phone last night.  to free up space, i checked-out old messages deleting those i could forego.  while reading a certain message, a call came in.  i therefore pressed what i thought was the key that would take the call.  guess what, it rang instead the sender of the message i was reviewing.  oh, no!  aaaarrrrgghh!!!