two of my officemates and i attended a seminar outside office.

it was raining this morning so i wore a skirt.  i was thinking, if i get wet, all i'll have to do is wipe my legs dry.  well, i forgot to consider the wind  ->  walking from the parking lot to the building, i had to keep a good hold of my skirt as it was being blown up by the wind!  ugh!

then after the seminar, there was a raffle.  after my two officemates have been called as winners, i told them, 'hmmm... i'm the only one who didn't win.  that's ok.  i'd rather be lucky in love.'

shortly after saying that, my name was called as winner!  i won the grand prize!  oooops...

' know what the grand prize is?  a voucher for ITIL 3 training.  some won flash drives; my officemates won bags; i get expensive training in quezon city.  ' shouldn't be bad.  my officemate was, however, (half-)kidding me, i will have to sign a service contract (office SOP) when i attend the training.

oh, fortune dear, are you smiling or laughing at me???

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