same banana

i was on the phone with someone last night (up to early this morning, actually).  so we were talking and he was telling me i should not go out with this certain guy because

1.  even if i am already separated, i still am married
2.  the guy already has a girlfriend

hmmm... talk, talk, talk... talk, talk, talk.  what do you know, later in the conversation the drift was instead of going out with this guy, i should go out with him instead.  huh?!  i was rolling my eyes in disbelief here.  do i have stupid written on my forehead???  i still would be married; he, too, has what i would call a girlfriend (he denies, ugh!).  what on earth are we talking about here???

he justifies his suggestion with motive, i.e., the difference between the other guy and him is in their motives.  oh, really???  i should buy that, shouldn't i?  hello!!!

i am amused.  LOL!

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