my dad just underwent an operation.  he has had swelling on his right leg for months now.  it started as just a small swelling in the ankle.  then it became bigger.  then it gradually crept up the leg.  then the knee.  then it went up the thigh until the whole right leg was already swollen.

early on we've been trying to convince him to go to the doctor.  he wouldn't listen.  instead, he just kept on speculating on / assuming / self-diagnosing the cause of the swelling:

'oh, i ate this and that earlier.'

'i walked too much at the mall.'

'so-and-so also had a swelling and it disappeared when he did this and that.'

it's so frustrating...

my dad is highly educated.  he is well-read.  he is well-traveled.  he is a retired general.  he was part of upper management in a civilian organization.  definitely he is not dim.  for some reason, however, logic, caution and circumspection escaped him in the way he handled his swollen leg.

he was even asking my uncle about his prescription meds and was going to take them for himself!  aaarrrggghhhh!!!

he went to a doctor only when he was already experiencing unbearable pain.  when the doctor advised an operation, he refused to go ahead.

and then he had a lunch out with his mistahs.  there were four of them, all three looking heavy complete with protruding bellies (awww...  sorry, sirs); my dad looking thin and frail.  guess what, all three have undergone operations on their prostate.  one's was even cancerous already.  they've all recovered really well.  with that, my dad finally agreed to go under the knife.

squad goals?!


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