missing the point

i squeezed in to a vacant slot between this vehicle with an open door and what i thought was a PWD slot at the parking space in front of landbank at the quezon city hall.  when i checked my position, my right tires occupied part of the PWD space.  i therefore maneuvered to get closer to the vehicle to my left, requesting the guy inside to please close his door.

he wouldn't!

me:  'i'm encroaching on handicapped parking!'

guy:  'that's not parking...  that's a passageway...'

me:  'even then...  there's a sign!'

guy insists it's okay.

i wave to the guard and pointed out the open door.

guess what, the guard echoes the guy's statement!  wow!

anyway, i parked very close to the open vehicle door and got off the passenger side.

when i walked by the guard i asked him why they allow vehicles to park with an open door...  it will force the next vehicle toward the handicapped parking.

he goes:  'that's not parking...  that's a passageway for wheelchairs...  look, the symbol is a wheelchair...  if anyone parks there, the wheelchair won't be able to pass anymore...'

me:  'oh...  then it really should be clear!'

the guard says there's enough space.


i proceed to my transactions.

when i got back, i saw the other vehicle's door leaning on my side mirror.

the guy really wants his door open!!!

me:  'is this a government vehicle?'

guy:  'landbank's...'

me:  'oh, government!  be careful...  you could be reported to duterte's hotline...'

guy looked surprised:  'why?  is the engine running?'


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