give it a break

my dad has an unquenchable thirst for information.  he loves to read.  i grew up with books, books, books and magazines and magazines and magazines and all the major newspapers around the house (uhm...  yup...  i'm from the pre-tablet generation.)

he likes to put things together.

he likes to explore ideas that catch his fancy.  they run the whole range:  trivial, profound, religious, secular, current events, history, people, places, things, food, music, DIYs...

he'd go:  'could you check [this] on the internet?  print me n copies...'
(he is obsessed with multiple copies.  it makes me cringe.  i'm a think-before-you-print girl!)

i've been his captive research assistant for yearssssss.  i've read so many things i am not the least interested in because my dad was interested in them and i have to google them for him.  you enter keywords in google you get  a million hits.  which of those is most relevant for his requirements?  of course i have to browse before i decide which one to print.  frankly, at my age, i've so gotten tired of it.

now my dad is scheduled to undergo an operation on monday.  guess what, today, saturday, he tells me, 'could you check how to plant cacao on the internet?'


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