what's cooking?

we held a despedida for a balikbayan cousin and i heard my mom telling my cousin that she cooked this dish.

uhm...  actually, she just ordered it.

the first time i heard her do that was years back.  we had a party at the house and when her officemates asked whether she was the one who cooked the dishes she said yes.

oh.  my.  goodness.

anyway, so we were eating and my cousin called her husband telling him to try this dish my mom prepared.  guess what, my aunt blurted out:  'she did not cook that!  she just ordered it from CCME!  just look at the container, that's where we order!'

teasing and laughter ensued...

and then my cousin said she, too, has done that, i.e., pass off something she just bought as something she herself cooked.

hmmm...  pretty much like a bra.  you pass off the pads as your own boobs.

; p

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