i was picking up a cake at bizu robinson's magnolia.  it was a mango chiboust.  petal-like slices of fresh mango were arranged on top of a cheesecake to look like one big flower.

normally their chiboust is round.  with valentine just around the corner, the cake was now heart-shaped.

my order was pretty.  there were, however, small gaps between the mangoes around the upper and the lower middle parts of the cake and it made me uncomfortable.  it looked to me like a broken heart  </3
[ wahaha...  the imagination that i have...  ;"p ]

i asked the supervisor if they had another stock.

she said it's the only one.


i told her i was not too happy with it...  : (

she was gracious about it and said i could choose some other cake but if it's really the chiboust i want, she's going to fix it.

yey!  ok.

i roamed the mall a bit then came back.

ooops..   the broken heart has been mended alright but the petals inserted to fill the breaks were lighter than the original ones.

i told the supervisor i appreciate her effort and if the cake were just for me i'll take it.  but i'm giving it as a gift and i want it nice.

well, she again offered to replace the petals.

me:  'are you sure?'

supervisor:  'if you're going to get it, ma'am, i will...'

awww...  yes, please...

i again roamed a bit then when i came back, ta-daaannn!!!  the petals were now the same shade.  i was sooo happy.  i was sooo thankful...  : D

special shoutout therefore to the supervisor for going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.  may she be showered with life's sweetest blessings...  : )

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