good and bad

i was sweeping the alley between the neighbor's and my brother's houses and i see two scavengers sitting in the open part of our property...

i remind them not to litter...

scavenger:  'we won't litter!  i, too, clean our place...  my grandmother's already old so i help her by doing it myself...'

me:  'wow, that's good of you...  you think of oldies...  some people don't...  they keep on leaving their mess even if they know my dad tidies up daily...  i try to clean it myself because if i don't, my dad or my brother would...'

scavenger:  'my grandmother's sick so i'm really the one who does the cleaning now...'

me:  'aw!  ' hope she gets well soonest...  my dad's not that strong anymore but he still cleans this area everyday...  he's been doing it for years...'

then i ask them to move a bit as i'm going to sweep the gutter...  one moves closer to the part of the gutter with black soil...

me:  'don't get too close... that's dirty...  that used to be like this <i point to the clear, concrete gutter>...  now you don't see the concrete anymore because it's been covered with soil...  it retains the water and the impurities sink in...  some brazen and thoughtless people dumped soil on both ends of our garage and did not clean up...'

scavenger:  'who?'

me, pointing to the neighbor through their window:  'them...  i told her when it was delivered to make sure they clean up lest it clogs the gutter...  well, their house has been finished for months and the soil is still here [in the gutter in front of my brother's house]...  maybe they expect my dad, my brother or me to again clean it up...

<i point to a spot with a "PLS. DO NOT THROW YOUR GARBAGE HERE" sign>

the sacks there, they were the ones who dumped those there, too...  it's been there for months...  so irresponsible and shameless!  don't be like that...'

scavenger:  'we're not like that!'

me:  'good!'

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