it's not what you think

my parents were at this fastfood outlet and when they come back my mom happily tells me she bought me chocolate mousse...

me:  'thank  youuu!!!'  : D
(i love chocolate mousse...  and turtle pie...  and brazo de mercedes...  and so on and so forth, hehe)

i eat the mousse and, uhm, i didn't like it...  i found it too sweet (i like sweet but for mousse i prefer just very mildly sweet)...

i didn't tell her but later i will...  otherwise she just might keep on buying me said mousse...

of some other food, my parents have had this exchange before:

dad:  'why do you keep on buying this?  no one eats it!'

mom:  'i see you eating it so i thought you like it...'

dad:  'i don't...  the only reason i eat it is so it won't go to waste...'

: }

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