this afternoon, we were at a meeting with a couple of foreign consultants.

one went, 'you are maria, right?'

i go, 'maria cynthia.  i prefer cynthia but maria's just ok, too...'

he said, 'i remember maria.  one is a good singer and you are a good dancer...'

huh?!  the first and last time we went singing and dancing was seven months ago.  a big group.  he remembers my dance?!  ooops... i wonder what i did that time... : }

happy shopper

i'm a market! market! regular and only now did i discover that they have a cart at the department store.  or do they have really?  come to think of it, so many people (christmas shoppers!!!), and i was the only one with a cart.  everyone just had baskets.  hmmm...

i was lugging a basket earlier and one of the salesladies obviously noticed i was having a hard time, she offered me a cart.  i oh-so-thankfully took it.

so there i was comfortably moving from floor-to-floor just pushing my cart.  then when i was done shopping (actually, not yet.  but then the gift wrapping  section was already closing so i decided to wrap up), one of the salesmen escorted me all the way to the parking lot and he was the one pushing my cart.

this was a very good day for me.  from mass i skipped the car wash (ooops...) and went straight to the mall.  i didn't want to be parking outside the regular slots which is what happens when parking is full.  well, there were still slots available when i arrived but the lines at the store were already looooooooong.  i, however, was spared the hassle of long lines as, with my cart and the elevator, all i did was go all the way up to the appliance/furniture section where there were not that many people at the cashier.

i had a happy time shopping for presents.  i hope the recipients will be happy opening them as well... : )

one to many

i was at the supermarket clutching, embracing and balancing so many items when i bumped into a relative.

she went, 'why don't you have a basket?'

me: 'i was supposed to buy only one item so i didn't get a cart anymore...'

i dropped by the supermarket to buy pineapple juice. i ended up buying:

- pineapple juice
- fresh milk
- vienna sausage
- cheese spread
- peanut butter
- cereal
- oatmeal
- chocolates, chocolates, chocolates -> hey, i was running a fever... a sick girl has to have her indulgences ; )

now that's just the supermarket. you can just imagine what happens when i go to the mall... ; )

different girl

i was on the phone with someone yesterday.  i was telling him to just tell his girl to bring a car.

he went, 'cannot be...'

me:  why not?

friend:  she doesn't have a car.

me:  she has!

friend:  none!

me:  huh?!  what happened to her car?

friend:  (emphatically) she has no car.

me:  you told me before when you went to this place she brought a car...

friend:  that's someone else...



my office and the adjacent one had a joint presentation at the monday flag ceremony this morning. we sang along to star ng pasko by the ABS-CBN talents.

thursday, my officemates chose a song.  friday, they practiced. i was trying to finish something last week so i wasn't able to join. anyway, i was told that our office is supposed to wear green while the other group will wear red. i was also given a copy of the lyrics, shown where i should position myself and assigned to introduce the group. ok.

come presentation time, we had our formation in front of the office crowd. we all had our mini-lanterns and sang and swayed to the song. i was waiting for someone to break out from the formation, do whatever to provide a highlight but there was none. start to finish we were just singing along and swaying oh-so-gently to the music. sooo dry, hahaha. (usual flag ceremony presentations involve lively and/or meaningful dances.)

after the presentation, i asked my officemate what they practiced last friday. she said they just practiced the formation. huh?! we didn't even change positions throughout the song : }

anyway, back at our building, another officemate greeted me with, 'i saw your presentation!'

me: 'how was it?'

his reply? 'maybe you're just really busy...'


i don't want to lose them

i was at an officemate's area when the six-year old daughter of some other officemate from the adjacent room popped in.  she started asking me about the stuffed toy to my left.

i said, "ooops, sorry... i really don't know... this is not my place... this chair is (officemate's name) and this is her desk, too..."

the girl went, "why?  don't you have your own chair?"

ooops, haha...

later, i was already at my desk.  she again pops in and sees my own stuffed toy.

she remarks it's nice.

i say, "thank you."

a short while later, she comes back and asks whether she can borrow the toy.

i say, "sure."

she gets it and plays with it.

later, she again comes back, and, clutching the toy, tells me, "it really would be nice if i can have something like this..."

ooops... my heart was torn.  i like that toy.  do i give it to her or not?  hmmmm.... i told myself if she asks for it explicitly then, with a tiny bit of a heartache, i will.

she, however, puts it back and sees this time my tiny bear holding up a bouquet of roses.

she tells me, "your stuff are really nice."

i again say, "thank you."

i was wondering whether she'll ask for the bear.  she did not.

she left, came back again, this time bringing some other little girl with her.  she shows the girl my stuff, they squeal in delight, then they both leave.

hmmm... seems like nothing to the kids that they left without the toys.  such joy to me that i got to keep them.

i've had said toys in front of me for the longest time.  i just take for granted that they're there and that they'll remain there.  then there loomed the possibility of parting and suddenly i realized how dear they are to me...

outside the box ; )

i was in a meeting earlier.  flashed onscreen was:

due date = December 4, 2009 - Friday

one of the attendees asked:  'what does that mean?  due date equals December 4, 2009 minus Friday???'

huh?!  LOL!

in the same meeting:  'we have to consider short period (blank)...'

me:  'what is short period (blank)?'

no response.

me:  'is that the time you don't wear pants?'

yuck!  corny...  : }

better when shared

my officemate was giving me her adobo roll last night.  i declined.

this morning she offered me one again.  again, i declined.

then this afternoon, she brought out the rolls at the counter.  an officemate then cut the bread into four slices each to share with everyone.  with the slices so tiny and people so many, suddenly i found the bread appealing.  i took a slice even without her offering me any...  : }


last month, i gave away my TV.  yesterday, it was my microwave.  i have all these stuff at home which i really barely use.  i was thinking it's better to have them someplace where they'll be useful.

the only things i use at the house are my bedroom, my bathroom, my washing machine, my iron plus my ref.  everything else, they're just there, gathering dust.

i don't even remember the last time i sat in my living room.  i just pass through evenings on my way to bed and mornings on my way to the garage.  i was telling someone if it wouldn't make the house look so weird and empty i'd give away my sala set and dining table as well...  : }


i was at my parents' place last night and my nephew approached me for help in his homework.  ok.  ooops... algebra.  i was president of math club in high school but now i don't even know how to add, ugh!

some of the answers i knew instinctively, like, 50% of what number is 15?  easy.  30.  but how do i illustrate derivation of the answer using fractions and equations?  hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... goodness, isn't this like love?  you just know.  cannot be.  such logic is not acceptable in class.  let's see:

50% = 50 ÷ 100
50% = (50/50) ÷ (100/50)
50% = 1 / 2

½ x n = 15
n = 15 ÷ ½
n = 15 x 2/1
n = 30


another one:

33 ⅓ % of what number is this number?

hmmm... i use a calculator for this one.  i get the answer.  but i couldn't show the derivation.  my nephew mentions something about improper fractions and cross multiplication.  waaaah!!!  ok, show tita.  i am perplexed  ->  moron-streak surfacing big-time... : }

20 items.  we were able to get the answers and show their derivation for 15.  the five, i was stumped.

my sister arrives.  my nephew tells her we are having a hard time with his homework.  she says she'll check after dinner.  ok.

later, our nephew shows her.  her reaction:  'huh?!  i thought you were solving something difficult???!'

yikes!  so the moron in me is not just a streak after all???  woe!

getting what you want

i posted the following in facebook:

if you want something, then just go right off and tell me...
don't give me choices... i just might choose the one you don't want...

someone reacted saying the post stings.  ooops... it wasn't supposed to... it was just a matter-of-fact statement as far as i was concerned.  a tip, actually.  apparently it did not come across that way maybe because text lacks the intonation you have in voice.

anyway, the drift of the post is, don't ask me, for example, whether i want to have dinner because i might say no.  just tell me we'll have dinner and maybe i'll say ok.

if you give me options i just might end up opting for something contrary to what you are hoping for.  if you tell me straight this is what you want, then if it's something i can live with then maybe i'll go with it.

just maybe, ok.  just maybe... ; )

past tense

my officemate was checking out videos almost a decade old.  she tells me, 'you were so fresh and pretty then!'

me:  'gee... thanks...  : ) '

hmmm... wait... does that mean i look worn and ugly now?  : }

positive focus

a couple of months back, i posted the following in facebook:

it's a saturday and vehicles are crawling along EDSA. see, i can even do facebook -> safely. what is going on?

was i surprised when someone liked it.  i asked why.

he said he liked that i was still able to do facebook, thanks to the traffic.

oh... ok.

then last thursday, i had the following post:

ugh, that biker is crazy!!! he suddenly appeared on my left, then quickly moved to my right, then darted to the outermost of C-5's 4-lane stretch, oh so dangerously weaving through fast-moving vehicles. daredevil. i hope he does not cause any accident and gets home safe himself...

the same guy liked it.  i was puzzled and again asked him what is so likeable about the post.

he replied it's because i still wished the motorist well despite his "unusual ... motoring cutting skills..."

hmmm... isn't that nice?  this guy sees beyond the obvious... and finds good within the bad...  : )

hidden from the rest

i received the following text this morning:

Grant that today I may lead no one astray,
I may not make goodness & faith harder for anyone.

Help me today to be a help & example to all;
to bring strength & encouragement wherever I am.

God bless...

so nice, especially on a sunday...  : )

the first line actually reminded me of my ex.  he does not like outfits that show a lot of skin or display the figure, at least on me.  he says you're encouraging guys to sin that way.  hmmm... that logic could stir a lot of debate...

i've had such luck in my boyfriends.  they strain their eyes when other women wear clothes that display their assets but when it comes to me they want me all covered up  : }

oh, well... there are guys who like to show off their girl... and there are those who like to keep their candies to themselves...

well-loved mistress

i sent the following text to facebook thursday morning:

     on the mud flap of the jeepney in front of me: mas mahal ang kabit. ooops... : }

normally, i would receive the following message on my phone:

     Your transaction has been sent...

and my text message would appear as a status update on my wall.

this time, i received instead the following message:

     Facebook Mobile is already ON, go to your Facebook page and check mobile settings.

hmmm... i don't remember anymore but maybe 'on' is a keyword you send to that number to activate facebook mobile?  i therefore added the word 'printed' before 'on' then resent:

     printed on the mud flap of the jeepney in front of me: mas mahal ang kabit. ooops... : }

i then received the usual 'Your transaction has been sent...' message this time.  ok.

evening when i logged in, i was surprised to see that the status update was not on my wall.  i've been texting status updates from my phone and, except during ondoy, they've consistently been appearing on my wall.  i was wondering therefore why this one did not.

i told my officemate about it.  she jokingly said either my telco censored the message or facebook.  ahahaha...

i'm blogging it in friendster.  i wonder whether this entry will be posted...  ; )


the sky lit with fireworks when i passed by C5 this evening. not sure whether they were from eastwood. nicey-nice : )

it used to be when i see fireworks, enchanted kingdom comes to mind. now it's the following text message i received over a year ago -> yup, i archive my messages:

"Wow me fireworks ang ganda. Naalala k bgla ek [enchanted kingdom] dn ikaw..."

ugh! i am a sucker for these things... archived or not, they remain in my heart : }

passed it up

ice cream crossed my mind when i was at my parents' place earlier.  there is a still unopened gallon in the ref beside the bed i use when i sleep over at their place.  i brushed it aside, at the back of my mind thinking it will just remain there anyway.  then i drove home.  suddenly i'm craving ice cream!  ugh!  there's nothing at my place except two cans of spicy tuna and a block of cheddar cheese.  no ice cream.  i should have had some when it was still within reach...


my officemate was checking out this training in india.

me:  'take it, take it... i haven't been there... i'll fly in and room with you...'

officemate:  'hmmm... visit me there, ok...'

me:  'it has to be a on weekend... we cannot both be away [from the office]... how long is the travel time?'

we check the web  ->  7 hours.

'ooops... a weekend's not enough.  is there a long weekend between january and march next year?'

'holy week?'

'will that fall within march next year?'

i check the calendar.  then on the side i ask, 'how much is the fare?'

she looks at the monitor and tells me, '500 euros??'

me:  'euros?!'

she shows me the screen.

ooops, that's the symbol for euros alright.

me:  'ei, i'd rather go to taiwan...  i'll just look at you intently before you leave.  not flying there anymore...'

officemate:  'LOL!  let's just see each other in webcam...'

good idea...  ; )


i thought i heard my officemate say, 'undersexed, overjoyed.'

i went, 'undersexed?  but overjoyed???'

she threw me a perplexed look, 'what sex are you talking about?'

me:  'you said undersexed, overjoyed.'

officemate:  'i didn't mention sex...'

me:  'what did you say?'

officemate:  'i said ann (surname) says overjoyed.'

'ooops... sorry... US (undersexed)... NS (no sex) rather...  : }'


last thursday, an officemate saw me and then blurted out, 'i know that dress!'

she hurriedly rushed to her cubicle and then brought back to me an old picture with me wearing the exact same dress.  my officemates checked it out and were surprised to realize that the picture is maybe around a decade old.  they said my dress still looks new.  hmmm... i've heard that before.

i have oooooooolllld clothes.  i still wear them, they don't look old, they don't look dated.  i'm not really into trendy outfits, nothing daring or bold.  i prefer simple ones and i think they've proven timeless.

= = = = = = = = = =

for my mom's birthday, my aunt sent text messages telling attendees to wear red.  i brought a red top but i forgot to bring pants.

i was wearing a dress at the office that day so it could not really be paired with the top.  i was rummaging through my sisters' closets when our youngest offered me her white shorts.  thanks.  it goes well with the red top.  the thing is, it was too big it kept on going down, hahaha.  my aunt offered me a belt but i said i didn't want to wear one, 'twas just at my parents' house anyway, i didn't want any belts and decided to just hold on to the waistband.

my cousin-in-law saw how loose the shorts were and i explained, 'kay nette ito.'  ->  these are (my sister) nette's

she replied, 'boy, you've lost so much weight.'

i repeated, 'this is not mine, kay nette.'

oh... she said she thought i was telling her the shorts were kenneth cole.

huh?!  LOL!

= = = = = = = = = =

my dad is a low-key dresser.  he does not like colorful outfits.  he likes light and muted tones.  for my mom's birthday, we did not really expect him to go with the motif.  but guess what, without my mom's knowledge, he bought a red shirt so he too could wear something red to her birthday.  everyone was ribbing him when they saw his shirt.  he good-naturedly countered he's doing it for my mom.  aaaww, sweet  ♥ ♥ ♥  : )


caller:  '... habang kumakain ka, tititigan kita... baka ma-conscious ka...'

i chuckle.

the guy backtracks, 'no, of course i'm not going to do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable.'

me:  'sanay ako diyan.  baka ikaw ma-conscious, papa-ikutin kita.'

caller:  'paglalaruan mo 'ko???'

me:  'huh?!  quarter-turn!'

oh, homonyms...  : }


i thought i heard my officemate tease another officemate, 'uuy, buti pa siya may ka-text...'

buried neck-deep in work, i wanted some light moment and, from my desk, butted in, 'huuy, ako rin may-ka-text...'

suddenly they started laughing, 'ka-sex!'

'huh?!  ooops, wala ako nu'n... : }'

back to work...


there are phone calls i've been trying to stop for so many times now.  they'd stop, then resume.  stop again, then resume again.  stop, resume, stop, resume, stop, resume  : }

on my birthday, i resolved to REALLY stop the calls come november.  i was thinking if these calls are going to end, then it's really up to me.  it takes two to tango.  no matter how many times the other party calls, if i don't pick up, then there's no conversation.

i was holding up quite well but then last week the caller did something unexpected.  he called my other number at a time i was just earlier having exchanges with someone flying out-of-town.  i was already asleep, the lights were out (i like to sleep pitch dark), that phone rang.  i picked it up thinking it was the other guy earlier about to tell me he has arrived at his destination (presumptuous, haha).  it turns out, however, to be the caller i was trying to avoid  : }  ooops, he has not really been calling that number lately.  first fall...

second fall:  i was on the phone with my boss's chief-of-staff this morning... i was rushing something to be sent to their office.  i was running late when my phone rang.  i picked it up expecting it to be the boss's office.  guess what, it was the guy whose calls i was avoiding  : }  hmmm... regular office hours???  totally unexpected call time!  i was again caught off-guard... and again avoidably faltered...

there is such a thing as caller ID.  next time, i'll make it a point to check that before picking up... no more assumptions  ->  they cost you...


an officemate asked me whether i've been to a gay bar.

i said yes.

she went, 'i mean a real gay bar... not the one on your shower...'

me:  yup... 'twas a real gay bar... i think it was (well known gay bar name)... weren't we together that time?

officemate:  no.

me:  hmmm... i'm sure i was with officemates...

the thing is, i could not recall which officemates brought me there and i also could not recall that there was a stripper in my bridal shower.  what more, i could not recall anything about my bridal shower.  ugh!  i am old...  : }

two loves

my niece got the following quote via Payong Bob Ong in facebook:

   "Kung dalawa ang mahal mo, piliin mo yung pangalawa. Kasi hindi ka naman magmamahal ng iba kung mahal mo talaga yung una."

   ->  if you love two, choose the second.  because you're not going to fall for another if you really love the first.

ooops... either good or bad depending on where you are in the timeline...  : }

more than enough

an officemate flew to the US for her mom's birthday and stayed there two weeks.  when she arrived, we were asking her for pictures.

she went, 'there's so many...'

'it doesn't matter... we wanna see...'

'it's too much... 300 plus pics...'

me:  'two weeks, 300... you're telling **me** that's too much?!  i go to my mom's living room a few hours and i've already taken over a hundred pics...'

over?!  ; )

the top spot

at dinner at my parents' place, conversation veered toward reports that president arroyo will be running for congress.

i went, 'huh?!  after having been president?  that would be a notch lower...'

my mom goes, 'yup... it's just like you used to be the wife and then you suddenly become mistress...'  (ooops, hahaha)

me:  'not so good analogy, mom.  mistresses get better treatment...'

my dad adds, 'the number 2 is  higher.  think numbers.  3 is higher than 2.   4 is higher than 3.  2 is higher than 1...'

: }

cakes aplenty

birthday celebration at the office last tuesday... why so late? the other monday, i was on leave... tuesday, i had a meeting outside office... wednesday, my friend was not available... thursday, supposedly meeting again but cancelled... friday, so many would be on leave... monday, holiday... tuesday, finally : )

this year has got to be my birthday where i had the most number of cakes.

a week before my birthday someone far, far away sent me my favorite caramel cake from estrel's.

on my birthday, i had cakes from starbucks, red ribbon, goldilocks, estrel's and edsa shangri-la.

day after my birthday, i had a cake from gateau de manille.

following day, i brought to the office another cake from estrel's.

a week later, i had a cake from conti's.

hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... so many cakes, so many blessings... i feel so lucky and i am so thankful... : )

so soon

i was at shopwise last night to buy my food for this november 2 holiday.  i saw this nice pair of shorts, tried it on, then suddenly felt a sharp sting  ->  a loose steel button has rubbed against my thigh piercing the skin and giving me a cut 4 1/2 inches long!  (yup, i measured!).  i really hope the cut does not scar.  i decided right away not to buy the item.  i don't want to acquire something that hurts me so early...


i learned just today that someone filed a leave from the office because he thought we will be together on my birthday. aaaw, sweet : ) (too bad...)

i spent my birthday daytime with my family, nighttime with my friends. no guys. every special occasion since i became 'single' again, i've made it a point not to have any guy around. i'm thinking the guy might think he is the special one, or others might think said guy is the one. until and unless i find that special guy, i'm afraid i will have to stick with the set up. the moment i find him though (or he finds me, haha), things are going to change. i'd ♥♥♥ love ♥♥♥ to spend the whole day with him, making the special occasion all the more special : )


so many people i know are addicted to farmville.  last friday, a manager from another office was discussing something with my officemate.  suddenly he approached me.  i thought he was going to bring up official business.  guess what, he was reminding me to accept his farmville neighbor request.  hahaha.  this is a guy we're talking about.  he says he has set up wireless in his house and as soon as they arrive home, he and his children are all hunched in their respective computers all doing the same thing  ->  farmville.

my friends have been egging me to take up the game.  i'm not interested.  i have more than enough deadlines in the real world, i don't want to add virtual ones where i have to harvest at a certain time otherwise my plants will die  : }

last week my officemate showed me my farm.  yikes, so pathetic:  six tiny squares, one part planted with strawberry, another with eggplant.  i'm at level 1. (my best friend is at level 34.)  i've been receiving gifts and i just accept so i have an account but i don't really play.  my officemate was pointing out the sorry state of my farm and i told her at least i'm cute.  i was referring to the avatar onscreen standing on my plot.

she told me, 'that's not you, that's me.  you're a guy.'

'huh?!  why am i a guy?'

'the default avatar's a guy.'

eh?!  i have to log in to change.  never mind...

cars and cellphones

i received a phone call last night.

'can you hear me?'



'not so...'

'i'm driving...'

'huh?!  why do you have to call me when you're driving???'

'nothing to do...'

eh?!  concentrate on driving, duh!

and then there's this other guy.  i don't know why but a lot of times i read his text messages late so i get to respond late.  different days, different times of day, he receives my replies while he's driving.  he texts back or calls.  but given the frequency of the driving timing, i have made it a point to ask what he's doing intending to disappear if he is on the road.  well, invariably, the response is, he is on the road.  he chuckles saying that is how i am  ->  i text when he is driving.  dangerous...  : }

race you

my aunt gave me her birthday gift last night.  she said she wanted to be first.  i told her she's actually second already.  i received my first birthday gift monday yet.

really?!  she said next time next time she'll give her gift in july.  huh?!  hahaha. 

i posted this in facebook and got a reaction saying that next year somebody will give as early as june.  whoa!   i appreciate the thought but really, i'm far from birthday mode that early!

i told my officemate about it and she joined in saying day after my birthday this year, she will be giving me her gift for next year.

what????!!!  what is going on?  why the race to be first?!  they save the best for last, don't they?  ; )

what was that for?

my sister and i didn't pass our usual route earlier.  entering an unfamiliar street, she blurted out, 'one-way!'

huh?!  i moved close to the pavement preparing to make a u-turn.  but then i saw headlights from my mirror.  'you sure it's one-way???  how come there's a vehicle behind us?'

my sister said it's one way going straight.

me:  oh!  we're in the right direction then.  why did you have to tell me it's one-way?

sis:  nothing... i just said it.

me:  eh?!  ok...

drive straight...

looking forward

i received an invitation to treat me out on my forthcoming birthday... totally unexpected.  consistently for years, this guy could not squeeze me into his schedule.  the few times he would, i'd be bumped off at the last minute by anything and everything.  his time was too precious to be spent on little me.

i don't really understand why now when i do not at all expect anything from him anymore, he offers to spend some time with me.  this is not the first time this happened.  things he would not do before, he is willing to do now.  for years i was practically begging for even just the teeniest of his time.  but no, he had more important things to attend to.  i was supposedly strong anyway, self-sufficient.  i could get by on my own so i was the least of his concerns... the last of his priorities.

i am stronger now, more self-sufficient.  yup, i could get by on my own.  still, i am looking forward to having someone who, even with the foregoing, would care for me as if i am this weak and helpless damsel in distress.  i am waiting for my knight, and i am looking forward, not backward, for that.

if only

i wasn't feeling well this morning.  i didn't feel like going to the office but i forced myself out of bed because i was supposed to pick up my sister.  good thing i did.

9 a.m. i received a totally unexpected phone call from someone i've never met.  he has been tasked by this guy to drop off something for me.  what?!  oh, well, ok.

actually, i've somehow guessed that the guy was cooking up something for my birthday.  but i did not expect it to be this early nor did i expect him to involve a relative.  i was thinking it would just be an unfamiliar delivery man or courier from some generic establishment.  but no,  he sent me my favorite cake from this bakeshop with only one outlet.  hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...

the relative was supposed to drop off the cake at my office.  i've actually texted him directions.  before he arrived, however, i received a call from my boss's secretary asking me to attend this meeting at the other building.  i therefore had to again text him, this time giving directions to the other building.

my officemates squealed in delight when i came back from the meeting with the cake box.  that is our favorite cake  : )  we partook of the cake and they were intrigued by the dedication (i am not going to state it here!).  what does this acronym mean?  who is this guy???  is he good-looking?

yup, he is  : )


stop it!  he's (blank)!

huh?!  pandemonium...

: }


i had a meeting this morning that i could not attend.  my assistant is in cebu so i assigned one of my staff to attend on my behalf.  for one hour, we were texting each other, with her pleading to just skip the meeting.  (it is known as our stressful/sermon-full weekly managers' meeting, hahaha.)

then i received a blank text from her.  i asked, 'blank???  have you fainted?'

she goes, 'no, i'm comatose...'

huh?!  hahahahaha...  ; )


i don't have a TV anymore.  last night, my parents went to our village with a rented truck to haul away stuff from my sister's house. it's unoccupied and has been burglarized thrice!  first was in may 2003, then june 2003, then again this month, october 2009.

i've decided to give my tv away.  i've turned it on only thrice this year and just as rarely last year.  better to send it someplace where it will be useful.  maybe i'll just buy a small one.  or maybe do away with one altogether.

i was thinking i should have given my microwave and gas cum electric range, too.  i don't like microwave; my range is too much for me.  it has an oven and rotisserie -> i haven't cooked in a loooong time.  my gas is actually 2 1/2 years old.  i wonder whether it will still work  : }


i've long been thinking of changing my numbers.  a friend has actually offered that we swap SIMs so i'd have a new number.  oooops, no way.  i don't want my calls and messages landing on someone else's phone.  my friend said he'd be informing the callers and texters that the number already has a new owner.  even then...

anyway, i inquired and it turns out i would have to pay five hundred pesos (P500) for a number change.  hmmm... i've always been choosy with my expenses.  it's not so much the amount but whether it's something i really need to spend on.  i don't want avoidable ones.

i told the SIM-swap friend i am not keen on paying so i've decided to just retain my numbers.  guess what, this time, he offered to pay the fees!  huh?!  hahaha... no, thanks.  i said he could just give me the P500 and i'd just reject the calls i'm trying to avoid  ; )


i received a phone call last night...  the guy was driving so the line was choppy (i don't understand why he has to call me on the road  : }).  i could not hear him completely, there were missing syllables in his lines, but still i understood the things he was saying.  hmmm... some things you don't have to hear... you'll just have to figure out for yourself...

simply put

the following message made laugh:

Sa restaurant:

Waiter:  Ano po ang order nila, ma'am?

Amo:  Half-chicken meal na lang.  Ikaw, Inday, ano order mo?

Inday:  I would like a dish of sauted pork & chicken boiled in thick essence of soy sauce and veggies, like carrots, cauliflower & baguio beans, sprinkled generously w/ fine spices & spring onion plus generous garnish of shrimp & chicken liver!

Amo:  Waiter, bigyan mo raw ng chopsuey itong babaeng ito!  Pakidamihan mo ng vetsin para mamatay na!

; )


my friend has been telling me she has this pal who likes me.  then last night, she brought it up again, asking whether the guy would have a chance if he courted.

i said no way.

she asked why.

i explained i don't want someone who smokes nor drinks.  (the guy arrived at her place beer in hand and was then in the garage puffing a cigarette.)

right after finishing my sentence, the guy popped in, saying a case of beer will be delivered to my friend's house.

hahaha, talk about confirmation.  case closed.


i attended a dear friend's birthday.  going home, she requested me to take a pic of her friends celebrating another birthday next-door.


taking their shot, i said, "pa-cute..."

and one of the guys said, "pa-kiss..."

i told my birthday-celebrator friend, "pa-kiss daw..."

and the guys said, "hindi siya, ikaw..."

i went, "hindi ako nagpapa-kiss... papakasalan mo 'ko pag hinalikan mo 'ko..."

the guys chorused, "sige!!!  sige!!!"  and one rushed forward to kiss me.

yikes!!!  i had to flee  : }

car call

my phone rings...

me: hello... hello... hello...

caller: can you hear me?

me: choppy... where are you?

caller: i'm in the car

me: hands-free?

caller: uhm... hands-free?

me: you're in the car why are you calling me?

caller: i'm not driving

me: you're not driving?

caller: the car is in the garage... i'm inside the car...

me: why are you calling me inside the car?

caller: i'm doing laundry...

huh?! suddenly i pictured him inside the car with a basin in front doing handwash, hahaha. well, actually he was inside the car waiting for his laundry to get done... ; )

badly hit

i asked an officemate to list down some items i could pick up at the grocery to give to those badly hit by typhoon ondoy. she gave me a list the last item of which was ice cream.

me: ice cream???

reply: para kay buntis...

huh?! nasalanta ka, buntis? LOL!

typhoon ondoy

there was non-stop rain friday to saturday.  now i don't really watch TV (i've turned my TV on only three to four times so far this year) nor listen to the radio.  i thought it was just one of those heavy rains.

saturday noon i requested an officemate to have pizza delivered at my place.  (i don't have a landline.)  after calling the delivery hotline, she told me all deliveries are cancelled because the streets are flooded.  huh?!  really?!  hmmmm...

now pizza hut is actually so near my place, i said i'll just drive over.  i hopped in the car but, leaving the village, the guard warned me not to go out unless really necessary as i could get stuck in traffic since the surrounding thoroughfares are flooded.  what?!  gee, this must be some serious rainshowers we're having.  i decided therefore to just pick up some bread and cheese at the 24-hour convenience store just across the village entrance.

then afternoon my friend called.  she told me floodwater in their house (!) was waist-deep.  huh?!  first time ever it happened in the years that they've been living there.  they were currently at the second floor and from the terrace she could see cars and dogs wet, soaked and floating in the waters.

i called another friend and he said at their place flood was chest-deep.  whoa!  good thing he lived on the third floor.

i was sooo thankful my parents' place and mine don't really get flooded.  (well, ok, my bedroom does ->  june 25, 2009 blog.)

earlier in the day, i've been posting trivial status updates to facebook just through my phone.  i don't really explore around when i'm doing mobile internet.  then my phone batteries went empty.  i have two phones, both of them, battery empty  : }  i forgot my chargers in one of the bags i left at the office when i changed bags last thursday.  ( i now have five bags (black, beige, white, denim, fatigue) on the counter behind my desk.  i change my bag and just leave the previous on the countertop  : } )

nighttime therefore i went online using my laptop instead of just my phone.  guess what, i was shocked at the posts i saw  ->  floodwaters so deep, stretches of roads submerged.  yikes!  we're talking serious calamity here, damage not just to property but to life.  i really pray that everyone will be able to survive this one well.  this, too, shall pass.  God bless us all...

basketball injury

when he was younger, my brother used to have a basketball injury every year. his arm would be in a cast, his hand, his leg.  well, now there's another one, the most serious so far:  torn tendon of achilles.  he was operated on last saturday.   his surgeon was one of his cycling buddies whose specialization is really orthopedics.  at least we knew that he would be well taken care of.

day of the operation i visited him and was so heartbroken at the sight that greeted me.  a blanket covered a big part of his face and his eyes were closed.  he was unconscious, looking sooo weak and in so much pain.  i had my camera with me and i couldn't get myself to take a picture of him.  all i could do was take a picture of his cast-enclosed foot with his visitors in the background  : }

on his second day at the hospital, he was much better.  his face was a little swollen, but at least he could already talk.

day three, well, he could already pose, smiling, raising his leg and making a thumbs up for the camera.

therapy / rehabilitation is expected to last three to four months.  he won't be going to the office, he has to walk with crutches, he won't be able to drive, he won't be able to bike.  (a total lifestyle change:  he is such an outdoor guy and a really avid biker.)  i'm the one picking up and dropping off my sister until he is able to drive again.  five times this week i dined at my parents' place.  this will be going on while my sister is riding with me.  i'll be saving money and gaining weight  : }

the meaning of silence

my officemate and i were looking at a couple of pictures.

she goes, 'he looks better than (blank).'

i counter, 'no... (blank) looks better...'

she teases me, 'uuuy, she still loves him...'

'huh?!  i simply said he's better-looking.'

'do you still love him?'

i don't reply.

she says, 'see, you still love him, you can't reply.'

huh?!  hmmmm...

in its time

there's someone whose calls i've long been thinking of not taking. not really stop, but just not take on certain days. but for two consecutive nights now, his calls have been coming in while my phone was right in my hand.

the other night, i was going to reply to my sister-in-law's text when his call came in.

last night, i was about to read my officemate's text when again he called.

hmmm... celestine prophecy again? (august 19, 2009 blog)

ok, ok, i'll just take the calls whenever he rings and just let it stop in its own time.

public links

someone was telling me that he's been looking at my pics.  i asked which one he liked best.

he said picture ninety-something from this particular album.

me:  huh?!  what album is that?

he says it's from this particular set of pics.

whaaat?!  what on earth are you doing looking at those pics?

he said he looked at everything, even my dad's pics.  eh?!

i have all these links to different sets of pics in my facebook account because i have different sets of friends in facebook.  i'm thinking if you're family, you'd click the links to family pics.  if you're friend, you'd click the friend links.  if officemate, the officemate links.  if schoolmate, the schoolmate links.  i was not really thinking anyone would bother to check my whole circle, even reaching ninety-somethingth pic of a particular album containing pics of people he doesn't really know.  there are thousands of pics in those sites!

geez... this is not the first time i was surprised by the pics others look at.  yup, i guess if you put them on the web, someone, somewhere would be checking them out.  hmmm... oh, well...

changing clothes

for the third time last night, i changed clothes while someone was waiting for me on the phone.  ' should have been four times already but then last time the line was cut  and by the time he called again i was already done changing.

he asked, 'what happened?  did you cut the call?'

'nope... i was going up the stairs and then it went silent... it won't allow me to change clothes with you on the line, haha'

'so have you changed now?'

'what the...?!  yup, i have!'

you missed it, guy, tough luck... ; )

the first time this happened, his call came while i was already about to enter the village  (september 13, 2009 blog).  my car was already beside the guardhouse when my phone rang so i just took the call.  we were on the phone from the guardhouse to my bedroom and since i don't want to lie down in bed wearing clothes i've worn outside the house (it was a workday), i excused myself awhile saying i'll just change clothes really quickly.  our conversation resumed after.

the second time, his call came while i was nearing the village.  again, i took the call and again i changed clothes while he waited.

the third time, when the line was cut, he called while i was already near my gate.  so, yup, again, i took the call.

guess what, last night, he called just as i had parked in my garage.  i went, 'hey, i just parked!  you're perfecting your timing here!'

he chuckles, 'so you're going to get dressed again?  i really timed this so i could catch you changing clothes...'

aaaarrrggggghhhhh!!!  i wonder what goes on in his mind while waiting for me on the phone...  : }

clean, mean fun

there is this guy who has been trying to annoy me, in the spirit of clean, mean fun, haha.

last friday he was being a meanie so i tried to send him a 'tse!' reply.  after several attempts, my text message still wouldn't transmit.

then my officemate told me 'tse' is short for 'letse.'

oh, it is?!  i didn't know  : }

i therefore changed it to 'he!'  well, it still wouldn't be sent  : }

my officemate kidded me the messages are too haughty for goody me (huh?!  c'mon!) that's why they won't come out.

hmmm... whatever, i didn't send out the message anymore.

saturday the guy again sent me a baddie message, rubbing in that i'm still doing overtime work while he was already home.  ugh!  trying to make me envious?!  grrrrr....

then last night he again texted me, apparently expecting to make me feel sorry that i was still working overtime.  hmmmm, he thought i was still at work?  well, i wasn't.  i texted him i was out on a date.  suddenly, he couldn't upset me anymore, haha.  and his reply was a goody one, not at all provocative.  LOL!  it's my turn to laugh, guy.  it can't always be your turn   ; )


i was buying lunch at jollibee yesterday and i saw that you'll get a free vanity case if you have a jollibee card and meet the minimum purchase requirement.  hey, i have a card.  the thing is, how do i meet the minimum purchase requirement?  i don't really eat much.  hmmmm... ok, buy dinner as well.

give me two more chickenjoys.  add fries, the giant one.  pineapple juice, too.  still not enough?  ok, throw in a hotdog.  goody-good, minimum purchase requirement met  : )

the vanity case is nothing special actually.  just a clear plastic case, with a blue lock and divider.  cheap, haha.  but i like clear cases and my favorite color's blue, plus it's free, so go for it  ; )

now, i can't really finish two chickenjoys plus a hotdog for dinner.  the second chickenjoy i had intended to give to one of my favorite village guards.  i've been giving them nothing but my excess weekend food (bread, pizza, bread, pizza, bread, pizza) so it would be nice to give them something different and unopened for a change.  approaching the village, i was excited to hand-over the jollibee meal to the guardhouse.  guess what, it was a different guard on duty!  i was like, 'oh, manong is not around?  ok, you can have this for yourself...'

next time i'll make sure i buy an extra meal within the old guard's shift.

snippet of my life

normally, upon seeing my car approach the village, the guard already raises the blocking bar (i don't know how you call it) so my car could pass through.  well, last friday, the guard did not raise the bar right away. i stopped therefore, rolled down my window, after which i heard my phone ring.  since i was almost home anyway, i picked it up.

i was on the phone therefore while i was talking with the guard (he simply reminded me to get new village stickers), while i was driving from the village entrance to the house, when i opened my gate, parked, closed the gate, unlocked my door, locked it again, walked through the first floor, went up the stairs, opened the bedroom doors, opened the windows, even through the time i changed into new clothes, hahaha.  we had to stop awhile while i changed my top (i had to put down the phone) but resumed talking immediately after.

this is the first time ever i experienced something like this.  go through the tiny motions of my life with someone listening in, haha.  i was telling the caller he was having a blow-by-blow account of a part of my day, a mini-version of a day-in-the-life of little me...


i had a two-hour shower this morning.  my hands and feet got scarily wrinkled.  i think i also acquired a bald spot at the top of my head... : }


the other night my parents and i went to a nephew's birthday party.  at the venue, my mom and dad got off, with my dad telling me to wait as he'd ask where i could park.  ok.  so he talked to the concierge then returned to the car giving me instructions on where to park.

ok, go straight, turn right, go down the bend, to the right is the carpark.  guess what, upon entry, the attendant told us only those 'waiting' could park in the area.

what do you mean 'waiting'?

the driver would have to stay in the car.

huh?!  i am the driver.  i, too, will be attending the party.

then you should have it valet-parked, ma'am.

ok.  no problem.  where do i give the key?

you have to go to this counter.

ooops, that's the concierge where my dad asked.  how come we were told to go down and now we have to go back up?

he radios the concierge then tells us the concierge gave such instructions because he thought my dad had a driver.  ooops, hahaha.

behind me was my niece, also driving for her mom.

our cars both turned back to the venue driveway where we both left our keys for valet-parking with the concierge.  we were teasing each other, you have to have a driver here.  we are out of league, haha...

helpless little girl

i started driving in college (a loooong time ago).  and then for the first time last night (i'm not really sure whether this is really the first but if it's not then i don't remember the previous), my dad rode with me instead of me riding with him.  waaah-ha-ha-ha-ha (combination cry and laugh, hehe).  he had a comment on so many things!!!  about my driving... about my car... my, oh, my, oh, my...  : }

i should wipe my side mirrors dry (it rained)... i should always have tissue in my car (i have but it's in the backseat)... my wiper should be replaced... i shouldn't reach fourth gear at night (we were driving along EDSA)... i should look out for the trucks... my headlights should be on bright... hahahahaha...  i've been driving along EDSA by myself morning and night daily how many years now... suddenly i wasn't too sure about my moves  : }

i'm very much an adult now... but given my dad's concern and suggestions (orders, haha), suddenly i felt like a little girl again... not that bad... i could have that -> every once in a while ; )  ... it felt different... it felt good...  : )

' love you, vats ♥ ♥ ♥ ... thanks for everything... mwuah!!!


for a couple of years now i've been trying to adopt cinderella, i.e., home by midnight. well, i have been far, verrry far, from successful : }

now for the first time, there is a challenge component to it. someone is going to give me a prize if i beat the midnight curfew for the seven nights out i have scheduled for september. suddenly, i am exerting extra effort -> all for the prize of just chocolates. hahaha, i am sooo shallow...

the first night out, i was having dinner with someone and 9 pm i wanted to go home already. the guy was telling me i'm OA as it would not take three hours for me to get home. ooops, true, hahaha. we stayed on an hour more therefore. 10 pm i stood up and was home well before midnight : )

the second night out was a hawaiian party. i wasn't confident i could win that one. it was a family affair, we have hour-long goodbyes. anyway, i again made it home before midnight : )

the third is tonight. i'm going to rockwell. that's near my place. let's see how i will fare.

yesterday, an officemate was telling me that she could find someone who would double the prize if i stay beyond midnight with him. oh, haha. i could stay out late, no sweat. but no, thanks. i'd like to get my prize in the difficult round... ; )

picture first

a cousin posted that she cooked adobo but forgot to take a picture.  hmmm... reminded me of my cooking days.

when my ex and i were still together, i cooked saturdays (brunch and dinner) and sundays (brunch).   the rest of our meals, we took outside.  for more than six years we were eating out practically daily.

anyway, the few times that i cooked, i took pictures of the food.  he'd be eager to partake of it and i'd tell him to wait while i took pictures, hahaha.  one time, a dish was steaming hot so the pics were coming out hazy because of the steam.  it was taking me sometime to get a good shot.  my husband somehow lost his patience and complained that the food was going to be cold already by the time he tastes it.  ooops...  : }

the heart is for loving

i usually attend the noon mass.  yesterday, however, i woke up to a mini-flood in my bedroom (ugh!  the drainage in my balcony was again blocked!) so i had to clean-up.  i therefore postponed mass to the afternoon.

i was supposed to attend the 5 pm mass but it has already started when i arrived so i decided to just wait for the 6 pm mass instead.  guess what, the 6 pm mass was celebrated by a bishop!  goody-good!!!  : )

now there are certain religious songs that i like.

one is mamamalakaya ng tao:

itong alon sa dagat
tulad ng ating buhay
kung minsan ay tahimik
kung minsa'y magalaw

another is ang panginoon ang aking pastol:

ang  panginoon ang aking pastol
pinagiginhawa akong lubos
handog Niyang himlaya'y
sariwang pastulan
ang pahingahan ko'y
payapang batisan
hatid sa kaluluwa
ay kaginhawahan
sa tumpak na landas
Siya ang patnubay

then there's sanctuary:

Lord, prepare me
to be a sanctuary
pure and holy
tried and true

also blessed be God:

blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation
thanks to your goodness this bread we offer
fruit of the earth, work of our hands
it will become the bread of life.

blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation
thanks to your goodness this wine we offer
fruit of the vine, work of our hands
it will become the drink of life.
blessed be God
blessed be God
blessed be God forever.

my dad, by the way, likes let there be peace on earth:

let there be peace on earth
and let it begin with me

anyway, during mass, there was one song i've long been hearing but only yesterday did a certain line particularly catch my attention.  the song is here i am lord.  there was this line:

I will break their hearts of stone
give them hearts for love alone

hmmm... i was singing along and suddenly i was thinking whatever else could a heart be for?  setting aside it's biological function, isn't it there precisely just for love?  every part has its role and the heart's role is to love.  it is not there to think, that is for the brain.  the heart wants what it wants.

last week someone was chiding me for liking someone.  i was like, is it my fault that i like him?  that's just a feeling, it just comes out.  the important thing is what i do with how i feel.  i do not act on it.  my brain is reining my heart in and that is what you should judge me for, if at all you have to judge me.  as i like to say, hindi lahat ng gustong gawin, dapat gawin; hindi lahat ng feelings, ina-aksiyunan.  i've been living by it.  super-hard at times, but i've managed to manage...

nothing special

last week, someone was telling me that his female friend wants the three of us to go out together.

i was, 'oh, she knows me?'

he goes, 'i've told her about you.'

'huh?!  and what did you say about me???'

'that you're my crush...'

ooops, so that's why the girl wants to meet me, hahaha.

i tell the guy to just show the girl a pic of me.

he says a pic's just a pic.

hmmm... i tell him he could tell his friend to add me as friend either in friendster or facebook so she could check out more than just pics.

he says that's not quite it either.  he insists the girl has been wanting to meet me in person.

really???  hahahaha... i tell him i really don't see the point in meeting up.  i have a full sched, the girl is not his wife, nor am i his mistress, LOL!

then this morning the guy raises it again.  his friend wants to see me.  huh?!  since this interest stems from her friend saying i'm his crush, then maybe we should put everything in context.  the guy has a string of crushes, hello!  he's a serial-, make that parallel-, crush-er.  it's no big deal to be his crush.  he falls-in-crush, haha, with every other girl he meets.  if his friend would check out every single girl her friend has a crush on, then her schedule won't be able to accommodate it...  ; )

poor memory

i received the following from an officemate:

When God created me, He made me choose:

"Sex appeal
sharp memory?"

I just don't remember what i chose.  :D

i was so amused i forwarded it right away.  i got hehehe and hahaha reactions but i like most the one from an aunt i often text.  all of a sudden she asks who i am saying she seldom remembers.  hahaha...


yesterday morning my phone rang.  i texted the caller, "dryvng."

the reply i got was, "ang tarush..."

i therefore assumed it was my gay friend who called, with a new number.  later he sent another text and he mentioned something which made me realize who he was.  nope, it wasn't the gay friend i had in mind.  it was someone i believed to be manly through and through, hahaha.  now i am not quite sure whether it is again just me being not really into gay lingo and therefore being discomfited when a supposedly straight guy uses tarush or the guy i think to be straight is actually not straight after all.  oh, well...


i was talking to two different guys.  one was already being intimate with this girl, but still he doesn't consider her his girlfriend.  another was already kissing this other girl yet the guy says they're not boyfriend-girlfriend.  hmmm... i don't know whether it's just me being a prude or these guys just being jerks but me, i let you kiss me and we're definitely a couple.  i'm yours, you're mine, exclusively.  you're not allowed to play cute with others.  i'm going to slap you, bang your head, elbow your rib, kick your b _ _ l s, if you ever tell anyone you're kissing me but i'm not your girl.


i made a resolution in july that come august i'm going to sleep by 11 pm. well, in the 31 nights of august, i was able to do it only thrice : } the third actually, i am not sure would count because even if that time i plunked into bed at 9 pm and fell asleep (i wasn't feeling well that time), 11:30 i was awakened by a phone call and went on to take it.

now it is september. my original target was 11 pm bedtime in august; 10 pm in september. i've made some adjustments. now targets are 11 pm in september, 10 pm in october. well, yesterday, september 1, i went to bed 11 pm sharp : ) good start. i hope i am able to keep it up... : )

what i treasure

i opened my ref yesterday morning and was greeted with a happy sight:  chocolates, chocolates, chocolates.  yummy!!!  so early, so happy  : )

someone gave me a pack last week.  the other night someone again gave me a bagful.  add to that the three 1 liter boxes nestle chuckie chocolate milk drinks i bought last friday.  hmmm... my mom has long been telling me to cut down on sweets.  how can i if they're just in my ref?  maybe it's time again to bring them to my niece.  sssshhhh... don't tell the givers... it's the thought that counts anyway... it's as much the gift as the gesture i treasure...


i received a call last night asking whether i wanted to attend this certain party.  ooops... i can't.  i was at gloria jean's with someone.  but even if i could, i won't.  i would like the guy's partner to have his full attention on such special occasion.

some girl shows up and some guys forget that they're already taken.  i hate that.  i may talk to you, and smile at you, and laugh with you, but you can be sure i know where to draw the line.  i am good to wives and sweethearts.  i will never share nor take away someone else's man.  i hope when it's my guy's time to falter, he would chance upon someone like me...


i received the following text yesterday:

A handsome hunk strips in front of a nun to tempt her.
The nun closed her eyes,




and prayed,




"Bless me, Father, for this Thy gift, which I am about to receive..."

ooops... hahaha. i wanted to forward it to my friends but then i've already forwarded another text message earlier so i was looking forward to forwarding it instead today. (i try to limit forwards to one a day. i'm not really a texter. the only texting i do is when there's something important i have to say and i'm trying to save on call charges. forwards i limit to those i particularly like, the rest simply stop with me. and even then, i forward only to those in my sun network plus family and a handful of different-network-friends. (i have unlimited calls and texts sun to sun. if you're sun, you send me a text and my first option is to call you. even if i'm just going to say ok, i call you, haha. the only time i text back is if i'm not supposed to make a call, for example, i'm in a meeting, or i want to keep a record of the exchange, for example, important instructions, or i think you might not be able to take a call.))

anyway, morning, i was so excited to forward the text to my friends. but then upon getting my phone, i see that i have an unread message, this time from my mom. it went:

  ( " )    Sunday
"( ö )"   is a
(    "    wonderful
./   ,%, opportunity
to pray
to love
to learn
to laugh
to care
and to celebrate the joy of life with GOD.
Have a blessed Sunday :)

nice : )  now this is a more appropriate forward on a sunday. the hunk-nun one is kinda irreverent : }

today, therefore, i forwarded my mom's text instead.  the irreverent one i'll send out tomorrow  ; )


i was on the phone with someone last night and he had the following observations:

1.  this album i posted had over 200 pics

2.  for a series of shots, if i'm not in the pic, he is not sure whether the pics are really different.  but if i'm in the pic, he right away knows that they are different.

re #1, with me, that's nothing unusual.  i've been our family's photographer since second year high school (a long, loooooong time ago).  still film that time yet i was using up so many rolls.  now it's digital, no film expense.  all the more that i just click and click and click.  even if i'm talking to someone or doing something, i just go on clicking.  i multi-task  ; )

then i check the pics.  i delete the ones where you have people with eyes half-closed.  i dunno, i have a thing about eyes half-shut.  it makes me cringe calling to mind possession.  i also delete pics where people's heads are out of frame, as in, they're only shown up to the neck.  i think of beheading.  ugh!  so many hang-ups, what is wrong with me???  anyway, i also delete those where people's mouths are going this way and that.  for multiple shots, people often go on talking and the mouths look either funny or awkward when the pics come out.

i also delete 'ugly' shots.  just last week i was showing my officemate a pic i was deleting with a heavy heart.  i was sooo cute there!!!  (hahaha, believe in yourself)  but then there's someone in the pic who was caught in a rather unflattering angle.  my officemate was telling me to just crop the pic instead of deleting.  i said with me it's all or nothing.  i don't want to leave a trace of an ugly shot  : }

the remaining pics i upload.  all of them, hahaha.  i don't really expect people to look at every single one.  i'm thinking they'd go over the thumbnails and just click those they find interesting.  but then, it seems there really are those who look at everything  : }

an aunt e-mailed me before that her internet connection was slow so she's still at the 200-somethingth pic.  ooops...

in his speech at our christmas party a couple of years ago, a batchmate said he looks forward to the pictures he receives, especially if they're from me, and he really looks at them one by one!  uh-oh.  that would consume a lot of time  : }

oh, well...  i was chiding my ex before, he goes out of the country and comes back with only three shots.  i just go to the other room and i take a hundred, hahaha.

re #2, i have a camera you could set for one to ten shots.  there are those who find ten too much so they just want me to set it to five or three.  whatever the setting, if it's multiple shots, then i move with every click.  front, back, left side, right side.  i'd even do top and bottom if i could, hahaha.  but then oftentimes,  my companions in the frame don't move at all.  as in from shots one to three, sometimes, even from shots one to ten, they barely twitch, hehe.  if i'm not in the pic, you would have a hard time distinguishing that it's a different shot.  but, yup, if i'm there, you would know for sure  ->  mega-pose, mega-project, hahaha.  you should try it sometime.  you might find it silly, but it's fun... : )


a former officemate visited me at the office the other day.  this guy never runs out of jokes and i remember him most for the following, sung to the tune of i believe :

♪ every time i hear a new-born baby cry
it worries me, it might be mine
but never mind, i'll deny... ♫


i'm out of here

my officemate was telling me that there's a scheduled testing of this deliverable by some contractor.

i was like, 'yikes!  will (blank) be there?'

she says no.

i heave a sigh of relief, hahaha

you see, i was craving mushroom soup last saturday so i drove over to market!market!  i was supposed to order at KFC but they were not anymore accepting customers when i arrived  : }

i crossed over to kenny rogers this time expecting to get mashed potato.  it was already late so i explicitly asked whether they still have said side dish as i couldn't see any from the glass display.  i was told they have.  when it was already my turn at the cashier, however, they told me that they've ran out.  oh!

i was thinking of a substitute when suddenly i notice that the guy beside me in the other line, an arm's length away, was said contractor.  ooops... i was't wearing a b _ _ !!!  we greet each other then i tell the cashier that i'm not ordering anymore since they have no more mashed potato.  i immediately say bye to the guy then move over to max's.  there i satisfied instead my craving for caramel bars...

nobody, somebody

my best friend and i were at a wake last night and our high school classmate was telling us that she was surprised to receive a text from one of our classmates inviting her to our class get-together next month.  oooops... hahaha.  that get-together is supposed to be for her birthday!  nope, it's not a surprise.  she knows about it.

so we were at her mom's wake last friday and one of our classmates said our class should have a get-together sometime.

i right away said i hope it's not going to be at another wake.

then someone said it should be under happy circumstances next time, a birthday maybe.

then we find out that the earliest birthday is hers.  ok, ok.  get together for her birthday.  eat out, dutch treat.

everyone was excited.  we settled on a date, the saturday following her weekday birthday.  we all agreed to block off the date in our scheds.  good.

then, the details:  what time?  where?

hmmm... ask the others what they prefer.

ok.  who would contact the others?

oooops... there were five of us there and no one would take on the task.  we all just wanted to be an attendee  : }

good thing some other classmate who was not present that time was willing to do the texting.  the get together will materialize after all...  : )

alone, alive

i slipped yesterday and wasn't able to go to the office.  after a three-day holiday this happens, talk about timing.  anyway, it was nothing grave.  i just did not want to risk driving through edsa with pain in my feet.

my officemate calls and tells me she did some research and was telling me to make sure my feet are level with my body.

ooops... i told her i was in bed with my feet up, propped up on the window pane, and it felt good.

she said blood won't be able to circulate.  she wanted me to put my feet down.

i said it was like that earlier and there was some pain.  when i put it up, it felt better.  i did not want to follow her advice therefore.  i said i was thinking if it feels good, at least in the current situation, then it must be good for me.  i kid her it must be some doctor quack-quack site she checked.

she protests saying it is a good site.  she tells me the site further says i have to put some cold compress on the sore and then bandage the area.

i tell her:

1.  nothing's swollen
2.  i have no bandage at the house
3.  the ice in my ref is more than two years old

then i burst out laughing.

she chides me, 'you're hurt and you just keep on laughing!!!'

what can i do???  i was sooo amused thinking even the ice in my ref is expired!  hahahaha

actually, i am really thankful what happened was nothing grave.  one of the perils of living alone is that i could drop dead and no one would know, at least, not right away.  that's actually one of the reasons my friends call me nighttime.  they want to make sure i'm still alive...  : }

sweat and perspiration

i was watching videos of our office's anniversary presentations. among them was our group's dance number.  huhuhu... i missed this one.  after practicing for the dance, and hurriedly washing and drying our assigned outfit, i wasn't able to join it.  i had to leave before our turn as i had been tasked to go to makati to attend something.  boo-hoo-hoo.  had i known, i would not have practiced anymore.

during dance practice, i was the only one sweating.  it was crazy:  sweat was dripping down my face, perspiration has wet my clothes. everyone else was so cool and dry.  nope, i wasn't at all tense, nor was i exerting too much effort.  i was simply dancing and enjoying the much-needed exercise.

they say sweat is good as it expels toxins from the body.  does this mean i am the only one toxic in that group?  i don't smoke, i don't drink, i don't eat much, i sleep a lot (not lately though).  what on earth is going on here?  anyone knows?  i'd be happy to hear...

wake pics

i was uploading pictures from a wake we went to last friday and noticed that these were happy pics.  uh-oh...

my mom was telling me before she felt somewhat embarrassed when pictures from a wake they were at showed them with such big smiles.  i retained this and in the wakes that i have gone to, i've cautioned against too happy a smile whenever there's a camera.

but then in the previous wake my friends and i attended, i was amused to see that my friends and i looked sullen and glum while the family of the deceased was all smiles in front of the camera.  ooops... we looked more bereaved than the bereaved... : }


i was at a cousin's birthday party yesterday, ninoy aquino's death anniversary, and, upon arrival, i was greeted with a sea of yellow.  my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my nieces, my nephews, my mom, they were all in yellow.  the only ones who were not were my sister, my brother's daughter, me and my dad (well, he doesn't like bright colors so i don't really expect him to wear yellow)

i right away went, 'müts!!! you didn't tell me we have a motif!!!  waaaahhh!!!!'

my mom replies she thought my aunt has told me.  my aunt said she did not text me anymore thinking my mom has told me.  oh!

according to my sister, she herself was already dressed when our mom told her so she did not change anymore.  my niece probably doesn't know, too.

this is not the first time i attended a family gathering and i was not in motif.  years back, we celebrated an aunt's birthday at our house in the province.  when i arrived, was i surprised so see everyone in red!  i was wearing a pale, cream/beige top!  oooops... no one told me  : }

we have another family gathering next month and this early they've notified me that we're supposed to wear orange.  yikes,  i have peaches but no orange.  i received an orange shirt in one of our seminars a couple of months back but i've given it away.  (the shirts were given at the venue and we were told to wear them during the sessions.  now, i don't wear unwashed clothes so what i did was just layer it on top of my blouse : })  hmmm... i have no more excuse not be in motif next month.  but then i don't really want to buy anything orange as, like my dad, i also don't like bright colors.  hmmm... time again to borrow from my sisters' closets...

road encounters

i had three not at all pleasant road encounters yesterday.

= = = = = = = = = =

*** morning ***

a car was drifting toward my lane. to avoid a collision, i honked. this apparently surprised/alerted the driver as he suddenly moved back to his lane. shortly thereafter, he went honking and speeding by so dangerously close to my car, as in, he occupied not just his lane but part of mine, too. ugh!

some people just don't have any idea of context. all he could absorb was that i honked at him. he failed to comprehend why i did. hello!!! start from the very beginning, ok. widen your perspective, broaden your mind.

= = = = = = = = = =

*** nighttime 1 ***

what, aside from a moron (with all due respect to morons), would leave his car on the street, preventing others from passing through??? ugh! ' haven't heard of park to the side, leave space for others, you don't own the street?

check out the following pic: 

the sight greeted me on the street where i was supposed to pass through. i thought the driver was just inside the vehicle but no, he wasn't. i've been waiting there for what seemed like forever and had already pulled out my camera when someone oh-so-leisurely walking appeared from the corner. it was the driver! he had seen my headlights but stepped up only when my camera's flash surprised him. grrrr!!!

= = = = = = = = = =

*** nighttime 2 ***

my car was only a lane away from crossing over a three-lane street when a motorcyclist to my right suddenly accelerated and sped by in front of me. i had to make a sudden stop!!! grrrr!!! i hate these daredevils!!!

one time at another intersection, i was about to make a turn when again a motorist suddenly appeared at full speed. i stopped, nothing abrupt, nothing unusual. well, he apparently wasn't expecting any other vehicle on the road as he suddenly took a spill! he got up, started shaking his forefinger at me, then suddenly realizing that i really wasn't at fault here (my car was positioned correctly, a decent distance away from him, hello!) tried to board his motorcycle just giving me angry side glances. he was having a hard time as it was a nasty spill he took and it took awhile before he could regain his balance. it was probably all the more painful (and embarrassing) to him as i was there just patiently waiting for him to get onboard. you inflicted this on yourself guy, go bear the consequences...

commercial meals

i was on the phone with a friend yesterday and she said she had andok's (litson manok) for lunch.

i go, 'oh, you didn't cook.'

she said she doesn't cook  ->  she has a very big kitchen  ->  the whole of bacolod city.

i chuckle saying mine's bigger.  my kitchens are spread out across several cities:  quezon city, pasig city, mandaluyong city, makati city and global city/taguig city.

hmmm... whatever happened to good, old home cooking???  oh, well...  : }

perfect timing

i had just parked at jollibee last night and was reaching for my bag when my phone rang.  it was, uhm, someone.  hmmm... perfect timing.  had he called just a bit earlier, i would still be driving.  had he called just a wee bit later, i would be inside the store (leaving my phone in the car).  either way, i wouldn't be able to take his call.

this is the third time this happened, i.e., his timing being surgical-precision right.

first time was a month ago.  i've just driven down from the parking area of shopwise when i suddenly felt really thirsty.  i stopped at the bend, put my hazard lights on and reached for the chocolate drinks i just bought.  well, i heard my phone ringing, picked it up and it was him.  whoa!

i told him i'm supposed to be driving and had just stopped to drink.

he said he'd just call again when i get home.

i said no need, we can talk right there while i'm sipping my drink, i'd just park my car well.

you see, to my left was a loooong line of parked vehicles with only one spot vacant, the one right across me!  all i had to do was turn left and park right there, which i did.  so we talked.

another time, my phone was engaged for hours and he called just right after it was freed up.  ( july 30, 2009 blog )

hmmm... i'm actually trying to wean this guy away from me.  i dunno whether i'm just being conceited or paranoid but i find that some of the things he says and does are things i think he should not be saying nor doing at this point.  right now, however, i have in mind the celestine prophecy.  coincidences are not just mere coincidences.  they mean something, they lead to something, they resolve something.  maybe i should not try to avoid this guy?  i wonder what it is we have to settle...


holiday tomorrow, quezon city day.  (friday, too  ->  death anniversary of ninoy aquino.) 

i'm thinking now whether i could spend the day without going online or talking on the phone.

the phone is not really up to me.  i definitely could go for days without calling anyone.  but then, if i'm the one being called, then usually i pick up.

the web part i think i can forego but then i have work to do and i may have to go online to check this or that.  if i do that, i might end up logging on to facebook and answering all those quizzes again  : }

oh, well... we'll see...

same banana

i was on the phone with someone last night (up to early this morning, actually).  so we were talking and he was telling me i should not go out with this certain guy because

1.  even if i am already separated, i still am married
2.  the guy already has a girlfriend

hmmm... talk, talk, talk... talk, talk, talk.  what do you know, later in the conversation the drift was instead of going out with this guy, i should go out with him instead.  huh?!  i was rolling my eyes in disbelief here.  do i have stupid written on my forehead???  i still would be married; he, too, has what i would call a girlfriend (he denies, ugh!).  what on earth are we talking about here???

he justifies his suggestion with motive, i.e., the difference between the other guy and him is in their motives.  oh, really???  i should buy that, shouldn't i?  hello!!!

i am amused.  LOL!


i bought lunch at jollibee yesterday and got a free fork and spoon set.  i was sooo happy  : )  (i love freebies!!!)

i got the items because i had a jollibee card.  the card i got just a few nights back.  so instead of drive through i went inside the store and saw there that you will get a freebie if you purchase a certain amount and present your jollibee card.  i asked the counter crew how i can get a card.  she, in turn, asked the manager.  the manager said he will just give me one.  well, he did  : )

later, he came over to my table to ask whether i've gotten my freebie.  i said i didn't meet the minimum purchase requirement.  he said he was going to just give me ice cream instead.  i thanked him but declined saying i was already full.

then yesterday, i was at another branch and purchased enough to get a free fork and spoon.  happy, happy, happy  : )

no cook : }

i was at my best friend's place last night and there on snn was vic sotto being asked whether his lady love knows how to cook.  his reply was no, adding that cooking is not important to him.  he says it does not hold true to him that the shortest way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  aaawwww... i hope i find someone like that... : )

suggestive??? !!!

i have a daily supply of bananas at the office.  two a day.  nope, not free.  i pay.  it's the only fruit i like, actually.

yesterday, i was at a seminar at an outside venue practically the whole day.  it was already late afternoon when i arrived at the office.  there on my desk were my bananas.  i was going to eat them already but didn't get to because i had to discuss something first with my officemate.  turning around after our talk, i saw two contractors looking at me.  i asked why they're there.  they said they just dropped by.  oh, ok.

i went to my desk and they followed me.  we were just making small talk with me getting hold of the bananas intending to finally eat them when i saw an officemate waving, flailing her arms and making all sorts of gestures from the glass window.  i was talking with the two guys and i was wondering whether she could hear us or whether i was saying anything inappropriate.  i was consciously trying to analyze my every statement and could not see anything alarming about them.  finally, the guys left.

i went to my officemate to ask what she was trying to say.  guess what?  she said she was merely stopping me from eating bananas in front of the two guys.

huh?!  why???

she says it's suggestive.

another officemate agrees.

really???  it was my first time to hear that.

i've been eating bananas all my life.  i don't really remember anymore whether i've eaten them in front of guys.  i wouldn't be surprised if i have.  oh, well...

guys, let me issue this disclaimer:  if you see me eating bananas, it's not because i'm trying to imply or suggest anything.  to me they're simply bananas, nothing more.  don't go bananas over bananas, ok...

our days

i received the following text before bedtime:

without GOD, days are:










let's allow HIm to be with us everyday...

nice message... thanks...  : )


i saw a tempura billboard along EDSA last week and suddenly i missed sushi.

friday, we unexpectedly had lunch at rai rai ken.  i, however, wasn't really satisfied with their sushi.

then early this morning, i received a text message from my officemate.  he was at the airport on his way to japan.  he'll be back december yet.  suddenly visions of sushi went swirling in my mind  : }

dinnertime now and i'm thinking raw tuna.  ugh!

this craving is getting intense.  i better satisfy it soon...

sounds like

my mom was telling me that my niece was requesting her to bring her some orangutan.

my mom went, "orangutan?!  what orangutan?!"

niece:  the one like this, like that...

mom:  oh... rambutan...

; )

the past

at a party yesterday, i almost fell off my seat when someone i met for the first time introduced me to her husband thus, 'this is the first girlfriend of (blank)...'

ooops... i didn't know she knew me, nor that she knew about my ex and me.  i objected saying, 'i wasn't his first girlfriend!'

the husband went, 'uh, she's saying she wasn't his girlfriend...'

the wife insisted, 'no... she really was his girlfriend...'

i butted in with, 'not his first.  there were others before me.'

the lady went, 'ay, yes.  not first... former girlfriend.'

ugh!  so many years back and it still cropped up...  : }

forgotten crush

i went into quiz mode in facebook a couple of nights ago  ->  i answered one quiz, and then went on to answer another, and another, and another.  some of the results were hilarious, hahaha

anyway, last night i did just one:  what is the first letter of your crushes' name?

ok, multiple choice questions.  tick this, tick that.

results:  two letters.

upon seeing one, i knew immediately who it was.  the other, however, got me puzzled.  i know someone whose name starts with that letter but i cannot really say he is my crush.  hmmm... think, think, think.  i was trying to dig up guys i know whose first name starts with that letter.  i couldn't come up with any  : }

then later in the night, it suddenly popped in my mind.  whoa!  yes, i know another guy whose name starts with that letter and, yup, he is my crush.  how on earth could i have forgotten that???!!!

goodness, i am getting old... nope, make that i am old...  : }


my normal sleeping time is midnight.  in the last couple of months, however, i've been sleeping later and later by the day.  i therefore made a resolution that starting august, i'll be sleeping by 11 pm.  (come september, i'll move this to 10.)

august 1, i closed my eyes 11:01.  hey, not bad.

august 2, i missed 11 by 10 minutes.  ooops...

august 3, i overshot it by an hour.  yikes!

august 4, by two hours  : }

side story:

it was a non-working day august 5 (cory aquino's funeral) so august 4 (or so i thought) i passed by the drive through to buy my meals for the holiday.  at the window, the crew greeted me with, "good morning, ma'am"

me:  oooops... is it morning already?!

crew:  yes, ma'am

geez... so i was again overshooting my target  ->  big-time  : }

anyway, august 5, i was on track... i closed my eyes and started my prayer at 11 sharp  : )

last night, however, i slid again  ->  i closed my eyes midnight  : }

let's see how i will fare tonight...


two of my officemates and i attended a seminar outside office.

it was raining this morning so i wore a skirt.  i was thinking, if i get wet, all i'll have to do is wipe my legs dry.  well, i forgot to consider the wind  ->  walking from the parking lot to the building, i had to keep a good hold of my skirt as it was being blown up by the wind!  ugh!

then after the seminar, there was a raffle.  after my two officemates have been called as winners, i told them, 'hmmm... i'm the only one who didn't win.  that's ok.  i'd rather be lucky in love.'

shortly after saying that, my name was called as winner!  i won the grand prize!  oooops...

' know what the grand prize is?  a voucher for ITIL 3 training.  some won flash drives; my officemates won bags; i get expensive training in quezon city.  ' shouldn't be bad.  my officemate was, however, (half-)kidding me, i will have to sign a service contract (office SOP) when i attend the training.

oh, fortune dear, are you smiling or laughing at me???

good results

for only the second time this year, i turned on the TV at my place.  (the first time was a couple of weeks ago to test the indoor antenna i just bought.)  i was watching cory aquino's funeral convoy, listening to stories about her, and tears just kept on flowing from my eyes.  i cry easily so i really expected to shed some tears.  but i did not expect them to be so much.  ugh!  my eyes were swollen, imagine!  what on earth was that?!

my dear friend, a street-smart young widow, went to cory's wake.  she is not at all the crying type.  but upon seeing cory in her coffin, she said she unexpectedly, uncharacteristically shed tears.

i am thinking we couldn't be the only ones like this.  and i am further thinking that all these should not be for naught.

there are posts about this second aquino death serving as the long-overdue decisive wake-up call for the country.  it is sad that our wake-up calls entail deaths.  we are so dense we need something so severe.  heartbreaking.

whatever it is, i hope it leads to something good... a better country, a better people, a better self...

no inkling whatsoever

an officemate was telling me there's someone who's interested in me and i supposedly caught this guy's attention years back yet  ->  when we were both still taken.  (ouch!)

really???  who???

she would only give me clues.  and those clues made me zero in on the wrong guy, haha.  in exasperation, she allowed me to ask her more questions provided they'd be answerable by only yes or no.

i go, 'how many can i ask?'

initially she says 50 then lowers it to 25.

me:  25?  ok.

i then went on to write 25 letters from the alphabet ( all except y ) then asked her to tick letters found in the guy's name.

she didn't like to at first, saying that is cheating, but then i insisted that is a valid yes or no.

so tick she did.

aha!  i got it!!!

him?!  whoa!  i never would have guessed...

not now

someone wanted to gift me with a car on my birthday.  whuaaatttt???  no, thanks.  you would have to own my heart for me to allow you to give me something so dear.  the way things are right now, the only vehicles i could accept are matchboxes.  sigh...


i parked on the street yesterday.  then this morning, i noticed that one of my headlights was broken.  given the location of the hole, it looks like it was intentionally poked and damaged.  i remember when i gassed up last night, the attendant also could not open my trunk.  it was ok when i went to the mall last weekend.  according to the attendant, it seems someone tried to force it open.  hmmm... i think i know what for and why.  sad...

my luck

yesterday, my officemates were talking about the forthcoming raffle and wishing that they'd win.  i said it's ok for me not to win because, as they say, "lucky at cards, unlucky in love."

guess what, someone was telling me that this morning my name was among the first called as winner in the raffle.  oooops...


i got a 'message memory full' message in my phone last night.  to free up space, i checked-out old messages deleting those i could forego.  while reading a certain message, a call came in.  i therefore pressed what i thought was the key that would take the call.  guess what, it rang instead the sender of the message i was reviewing.  oh, no!  aaaarrrrgghh!!!

good timing

i normally am on the phone an hour nightly before going to sleep.  last night, i wanted to avoid a certain caller so instead of just an hour, i kept my phone engaged for around two and a half hours.  close to midnight, i stopped it already.  guess what, it hasn't been free awhile and it already rang right away.  it was the caller i wanted to avoid on the other end.  i asked whether he's been calling long.  he said it was his first attempt.  he added he was supposed to call at 10 but got busy so he got to call midnight instead.  oh, so he was spared all the busy tones?!  hmmm... is that a sign or is that a sign?

weight issues

my officemate was telling me that this guy who's supposed to be interested in me was saying i've gained weight.

last week, i was on the phone with some other guy and he was asking whether i wanted to go on a diet.

a couple of months back, my ex and i saw each other and his first words to me were, 'you're so fat!' (?!)

hmmm... i actually like my current build.  i've experienced how it is to lose weight (unintentionally) and that time i also lost, uhm, ♪ my hump, my hump, my lovely lady lumps ♫, hahaha.  i didn't like it.  i haven't really liked the skinny types.  i prefer the fleshy ones with curves.

therefore, guys, if you find me overweight, go look somewhere else.  i am not going to slim down for you.  you just have to take me as i am.  years back, i bought my mom a desk organizer from papemelroti.  it said:  so what if you gain weight, there'd just be more of you to love...  ; )

matching from within

my officemate was asking whether i've bought my cereal and oatmeal.  i went, 'yikes... i haven't'  : }

she chides me:  you bought a lot but you didn't buy your food  >:(


i was at market! market! last sunday to buy rain-x, a rain repellant for the car's windshield (i was driving through really heavy rains earlier and couldn't see a thing!).  i couldn't find rain-x.  i got to buy instead:

-  three pairs of slippers
        two pairs, my standard ones with pointy soles
        one pair, fluffy bedroom slippers
-  a pair of shorts
-  a hooded, reversible jacket
-  two tops:  one formal, the other casual
-  a mini-flashlight
-  an indoor antenna
-  three identical tops for my best friend, my dear friend and me

actually, the three of us already have identical puerto galera shirts, identical swimsuits and identical java store shirts.  all of them we have yet to wear together.  the puerto galera shirts i bought in april 2008 yet  : }

uh-oh... maybe i'm the only one into this identical stuff.  i like wearing clothes identical to those of the ones i love.  my exes and i have had identical shirts, even identical pants.  i feel so happy whenever we wear matching outfits, hahaha (goodness, i'm so shallow!).  i really don't know why we've all gone our separate ways.  sad.  maybe instead of matching outfits i should work harder instead at matching hearts...

virtual vs real

my officemate was telling me that my plants have died already.  huh?!  i asked how she knew.  she said we are neighbors in farmtown.  oooops, virtual!  i didn't even know i had land in farmtown, hahaha

she said someone actually watered my plants and did this and did that for me.  wow... thank you very much  : )

actually, i get a lot of notices informing me that i've received this and that (virtual) gift from this and that friend.  i just go on clicking and accepting these gifts.  i've received all sorts:  animals, plants, bags, chocolates, hugs, kisses.   but i don't really proceed to the game.  it didn't really cross my mind that all the 'live' ones are dying of neglect already  : }

i think a lot of users are taking this virtual caretaking seriously.  last saturday, my goddaughter posted that she was TIRED (all caps so i suppose it means REALLY tired) but still managed to harvest her plants.  i asked whether she's talking about real plants or just farmtown, farmville, yoville.  she says none of the three, it's actually barn buddy.  oooops, hahaha.  two weeks ago my niece was begging me to accept her barn buddy request  ->  she said she needed a dog to guard her plot.  oh... ok, ok.

i dunno but i am not keen on going into these games where i have to take care of virtual stuff.  i prefer to take care of real, live people, hahaha.  the only virtual game i like right now is myminilife ( ).  i build a house, furnish it, i don't check it out a looooong time, when i come back, everything is still as nice and as orderly and as clean as it was during my last visit.  hmmm... if only real-life houses would be like that, too...


we had a scheduled activity at a highly restricted area yesterday. as preventive measure for H1N1, body temperature screening was being done at the gate.

so i drive over and the guard scans me. he says, "38˚!"

me: what?! i have a fever???

i was feeling fine actually.

he re-tries. still 38.

uh-oh... i am the one with continuing access here. all the rest only have a per activity pass. and then i'm the one who's going to be denied entry? how ironic : }

then the guard says he'll try my neck. scan. he smiles, "37˚, ma'am"

whew! what a relief... they let me in.

from as far back as i can remember, i've often been told i'm hot. LOL! not hot as in hot-hot, nor that hot-hot. rather, hot as in, you seem to have a fever. i dunno whether it's good or bad but i guess my body temp's just naturally that way. it has never been a cause of concern before. with this H1N1, it could be a potential source of problem. i dunno what i should do, or whether i should do anything at all...

balagtas, batangas

balagtas facebook posts:

July 21
accompanying my mom to batangas on friday... ugh, wala na ako special leaves... i've used up all 8 of them this year... this friday leave will already have an impact on my attendance rating : } oh, well... it's for my mom so i shouldn't mind... ' ♥♥♥ love ♥♥♥ you, műts... mwuah!!!

July 23
will be sleeping late tonight (as usual) and waking up early tomorrow (unusual)... : }

July 24

running late... all cabs taken... finally convinced my mom to take jeep to the bus station instead. i actually wanted to bring the car, she wouldn't let me. she doesn't want me to drive that far (3 hours one way)...

bus (going to balagtas, batangas) leaving station just now...

bus on the road now. my mom brought a word game book -> quotes in quiz, puzzles for the smart. me, i'm doing facebook on my smart phone, haha (my personal phone, ok. NOT official)

eating peanuts my mom bought from a vendor who boarded the bus...

hahaha... "i will give everything i own, just to have you back again..." playing in the bus...

now it's abba: "knowing me, knowing you, there is nothing we can do... we just have to face it this time we're through..."

done with bus ride. now in balagtas, batangas... on board jeepney going to disi. i ask what 'disi' is. DIego SIlang' daw, haha

now at max's batangas city, p. burgos branch for lunch. my mom is ordering 'chicken dinner;' me, 'platter meal.' hahaha.  hungry women you have here...

on board tricycle going to the wake we're attending. it's so hot : }

hey, we're here now. that was quick...

in car now. they're bringing us to the bus station. so nice of them to bother...

bus to cubao has left station. ' hope i get to nap on the road... ride bumpy... we'll see...

good road this star tollway. dunno though why vehicles suddenly slowed to a crawl...

oh, so toll gate is causing the bottleneck... i wonder what can be done about it... e-pass or something... think...

just got off bus. now in cab going to my parents' place. ugh, that traffic was AWFUL!

at my parents' place at last... my mom gave the cabbie a generous tip... in his joy, he wished her a hundred years more to live... wow!

leaving my parents' place now... i've brushed my teeth here. when i get home, all i'll do is clean my face and change into sleepwear. no more facebook; no more web. and i'm not taking any calls. i'm dozing off -> i still have work tomorrow : }